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Benchmade 32 Review

Benchmade 32 Review by Ryan Howard

If you are looking for a great collector’s piece for your balisong collection, the Benchmade 32 black serrated knife would be a great addition.

The Benchmade 32 comes in blade different styles than even the hugely popular Benchmade 51. You have the choice of either Black BK1 coated or Satin D2 blade in plain or partial serration, and they all come with the same machined skeletonized G10 handles, spring latch, Titanium pocket clip and jeweled ti-liners as the 51.

One of the many reasons for purchasing any balisong knife would be for performing tricks, and because the 32 weighs in at only 2.7 oz it’s a great choice for stunning acrobatic displays. Another reason for a balisong is using it as an Every Day Carry (EDC) and the most desirable qualities of any EDC is that it’s small and lightweight. The 32 is both,  making it perfect for carrying on your person (always remember to check your local knife laws- laws are different from state to state).

Now, I am a little guy with small hands and find the 32 a perfect fit, however, it would be quite the challenge for someone larger to handle the 32 and it’s 4.39” handles. If you’ve got bigger hands,  I would suggest the Benchmade 51.

If you’re looking for a stunning butterfly that is lightweight and small enough to carry on your person, the Benchmade 32 is the perfect choice.

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