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Articles by Maya Mortensen:

Father’s Day Gift Guide

FATHERS DAY GIFT GUIDE FOR EVERY TYPE OF DAD Dads are great, and because they’re great, they deserve awesome gifts. If you haven’t prepared for Father’s Day (June 19th by the way), this Father’s Day Gift Guide will help you get the perfect gift for your unique dad. Who’s Your Daddy? Everyday Carry Dad The...
Best Lightweight Pocket Knives

Best Lightweight Pocket Knives

Sometimes, a big heavy knife just doesn’t do it for you. Maybe you’re wearing basketball shorts, want to save some room for other gear, or are cutting your toothbrush in half to keep your pack weight down. After all, ounces equal pounds, pounds equal pain. A lightweight knife might be just the thing for you! Here, you’ll find a list of some of our favorites, and they all tip the scales at 2.5 ounces or lighter. That’s about as light as two AA batteries!...
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