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Our Top 4 Benchmade Adamas Knives 

Simplicity, dependability, and toughness are some of the most desirable qualities in any knife, and the Benchmade Adamas line exemplifies all three. This line of tactical knives was overhauled in 2021, shedding weight, transitioning to CPM CruWear steel, and adding exciting options like an automatic folder and a smaller model. These knives may be designed for operators, but they’re also an excellent choice for everyday carry

Benchmade Overview

Oregon City, home of the Benchmade Butterfly since 1987.

Benchmade knives are all made in one facility in Oregon City, Oregon. The company began in 1987 as Bali-Song Inc. (and they still make excellent balisongs!). Since then, Benchmade has grown into one of the best-selling and most trusted knife manufacturers in the world. 

Benchmade is known for a wide range of designs and exacting standards of quality. They have developed the patented AXIS lock as well as industry-leading auto mechanisms that deliver smooth one-touch deployment.

About the Adamas Line

Benchmade Adamas knives are designed by Shane Sibert, an Oregon-based knifemaker (check out his custom knives here!). Sibert collaborated with Major Jeff Struecker, a decorated U.S. Army Ranger and Benchmade fan, to create a knife that can stand up to real-world challenges, and a portion of the proceeds benefit the Ranger Assistance Foundation. 

The Adamas may be a tactical line, but its applications go far beyond self-defense. Built to perform in life-or-death situations under any conditions, tactical knives are some of the most dependable knives you can buy. If you have to cut through punishing materials, plan to take your knife into the outdoors or simply want a tool that won’t let you down, an Adamas is a perfect choice.

Our Top 4 Benchmade Adamas

Benchmade revamped their Adamas line last year, introducing two new models and improving the existing ones.

1. Benchmade Adamas AXIS Lock Knife (Manual Folder)

Benchmade Adamas AXIS Lock knife in black G-10.

The Benchmade Adamas AXIS Lock Knife is a large and tough manual folder, with a 3.82-inch blade and a durable G-10 handle set over lightweight, skeletonized steel liners. It may be a big knife, but its ergonomic curves and dual thumb studs make it easy to use in either hand. This knife excels at an array of applications from camping to self-defense, as it’s designed for practicality and control. 

The machined G-10 scales add grip, and the AXIS lock uses patented internal springs to snap the blade into position and hold it securely. Fans of the Benchmade Bugout series for EDC should consider the manual folding Adamas as an upgrade, adding more heft for more demanding tasks. 

New and Improved

Some of the new features of the 275 Benchmade Adamas include:

  1. CPM CruWear steel, which is stronger, harder, more corrosion-resistant, and more rust-resistant than standard D2 tool steel
  1. Cerakote finish to make the blade non-reflective and suitable for tactical use
  1. 17% weight reduction from the older model, bringing the total weight down to 6.45 oz (about 183 g).


The 275 Adamas manual folder comes in two color options: a gray blade with a black handle and a brown blade with an olive handle. Both are available with a serrated edge for extra utility.

2. Benchmade Mini Adamas

Benchmade Adamas Mini knife in black G-10.

An exciting new addition to the Benchmade Adamas line is the Mini Adamas. With a blade length of 3.25 inches, it’s only “mini” compared to the beastly size of the original. 

In some areas of the U.S., it is illegal to carry knives with long blades. Many people also prefer a folder with a shorter, lighter blade for their everyday carry. The Mini Adamas retains all the features of the full-sized Adamas manual folder in a compact package. 

EDC and Tactical in One

EDC knives must be durable enough to withstand years of heavy use. Like the full-sized Adamas, the CPM CruWear steel improves on D2 tool steel in every measurable way. The G-10 handle’s woven fiberglass won’t warp in the heat and delivers superb grip even when wet. Thoughtful jimping on multiple areas of the Mini Adamas makes it a breeze to handle. Choosing the Benchmade Mini Adamas as your EDC gives peace of mind, as it doubles as a tactical knife for self-defense. 


Like the full-sized 275 Benchmade Adamas, the Mini Adamas also comes in gray/black and brown/olive coloration. It also has a third option, a black blade with a burgundy handle. A serrated edge is not available on this model due to the shorter blade. 

3. Benchmade Auto Adamas

Benchmade Adamas Auto in desert tan.

Tactical fans rejoice: The Benchmade Adamas line now features an automatic folder! The Adamas automatic folding knife opens in a spring-loaded sweep so powerful it can take first-time users off-guard. 

Unlike the manual folding Adamas, there’s no thumb stud to press down on the automatic, allowing the blade to deploy with a light touch on either side. Those who appreciate the powerful design of the Benchmade Infidel OTF Automatic and value extra utility need the Auto Adamas in their arsenal. 


The 2750 Automatic Adamas can come with a gray blade and desert tan handle or a flat earth blade and olive handle, and both are also available with a serrated edge like the manual Adamas. A full-black model and a black blade/tan handle model were also manufactured but are now discontinued. 

4. Benchmade Adamas Fixed Blade

Benchmade Adamas CRU-WEAR fixed blade knife.

At the opposite end of the tech spectrum is the Benchmade Fixed Blade Adamas. Here are a few reasons you may want a fixed blade instead of, or in addition to, a folding Benchmade Adamas: 

  1. Dependability. Though Benchmade mechanisms are some of the most reliable in the world, a fixed blade knife has a failure chance of zero.
  1. Thinness. A lack of folding mechanisms allows for a profile of less than 5 mm (about 0.2 in) and only 5.66 oz (about 160.5 g) of weight.
  1. Utility. The Fixed Blade Adamas comes with a length of paracord that can be tied in a lanyard or wrapped as a grip for the handle.

The sturdy and dependable Fixed Blade Adamas is the perfect knife to have as a backup in your camping or bugout bag.

Where To Purchase a Benchmade Adamas

Blade HQ sells the entire Benchmade Adamas line, the ideal blend of tactical and practical. A variety of sizes and options means there is a perfect Adamas for every knife lover. Check out our selection to find the blade that’s best for you!