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Best Lightweight Pocket Knives

Best Lightweight Knives

Sometimes, a big heavy knife just doesn’t do it for you. Maybe you’re wearing basketball shorts, want to save some room for other gear, or are cutting your toothbrush in half to keep your pack weight down. After all, ounces equal pounds, pounds equal pain. A lightweight knife might be just the thing for you! Here, you’ll find a list of some of our favorites, and they all tip the scales at 2.5 ounces or lighter. That’s about as light as two AA batteries!


1. Benchmade Mini Bugout

Benchmade Mini Bugout EDC Knife

A shrunken-down version of the popular Benchmade Bugout, the Mini Bugout gives you just enough blade and handle to get the job done without any gimmicks. Combining premium materials and an addictively fidgety action, this folder makes a great EDC or outdoor knife. The full-size Bugout is plenty light, but if you want to shave off just a hair more weight, this is an excellent choice!

  • 3.875″ CPM S30V drop point blade.
  • Available in Grivory, carbon fiber, G-10, and more.
  • 1.50 oz. weight.
  • Made in USA.

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2. Boker Urban Trapper

Boker Urban Trapper Knife

The Boker Urban Trapper is a Brad Zinker design that casts the traditional trapper knife in a new light. This knife features classic pocket knife cues like brass while employing lightweight materials like micarta to keep the ounces down—under 2 ounces, in fact! The Urban Trapper is the perfect knife for your suit pocket or just as an everyday pocket companion, no matter how insecure the waistband of your pants is. If you’re looking for something that timeless, stylish, and won’t weigh you down, the Boker Urban Trapper is your go-to!

  • 3.5″ VG10 steel blade with other options like M390.
  • Available in canvas micarta, G-10, and other materials.
  • 1.79 oz. weight.
  • Designed by Brad Zinker.

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3. Spyderco Dragonfly

Spyderco Dragonfly Knife Blue FRN

The Spyderco Dragonfly is the definition of small and fierce, with a mean blade in a variety of styles. The Dragonfly capitalizes on its small size with excellent ergonomics and control even if you can only grip the handle with three fingers. The reversible deep-carry clip ensures that this is a “set it and forget it” kind of knife, disappearing in your pocket and nearly invisible until you’re ready to use it. Like most Spyderco knives, the Dragonfly is fully ambidextrous for all the lefties out there. If you’re looking for a folder that can take daily use in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments but still fits in the smallest pockets, the Dragonfly is a great choice!

  • 2.30″ Bohler K390 steel blade.
  • FRN handle scales with volcano texturing.
  • 1.20 oz. weight.
  • Made in USA.

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4. CRKT Minimalist

CRKT Minimalist Katana Fixed Blade

A fan favorite, the CRKT Minimalist series makes fixed blades EDC-friendly, with a compact size, neck knife compatibility, and attractive designs. The unique grooves in the handle seem like a hindrance at first glance, but one moment in your hand will change your mind. This handle build gives you ultimate comfort and control so you can cut through just about anything with confidence. The Minimalist is available in a variety of blade styles for whatever your needs are, but the Katana version has the longest blade, making it a worthy candidate for your next outdoor backup blade.

  • 3.56″ 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade.
  • Resin-infused polymer handle scales.
  • 2.40 oz. weight.
  • Included neck sheath and lanyard.

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5. CIVIVI Baby Banter

CIVIVI Baby Banter Knife Burgundy

The CIVIVI Baby Banter is the baby brother to the full-size Banter (designed by one of our favorite Knife Banter alumni, Ben Petersen) but lives up to the name. At just 5.5 inches in length fully extended, this folder is petite, but the simple handle design and ample choil accommodate four fingers, and the textured G-10 adds grip. The utilitarian drop point blade is Nitro-V steel, which boasts excellent corrosion resistance and toughness, great attributes for an everyday knife.

  • 2.34″ Nitro-V steel blade.
  • G-10 handle scales.
  • 2.00 oz. weight.
  • Reversible deep-carry pocket clip.

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6. Kershaw Launch 11

Kershaw Launch 11 Exclusive

The 11th iteration of the ultra-successful Kershaw Launch series, the Launch 11 shows all the things Kershaw has learned over the years about making an excellent automatic knife. This futuristic folder has all the powerful automatic deployment you expect from a Launch, but with new aesthetics. The aluminum chassis is lightweight yet durable, with a cutout in the center that lends itself to the space-age appearance and cuts down on weight. This exclusive version boasts premium CPM 20CV steel for excellent performance every time you whip this knife out.

  • 2.75″ CPM 20CV steel blade.
  • Milled aluminum handle and anodized pivot collar.
  • 2.10 oz. weight.
  • Made in USA.

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7. WE Knife Co. Kitefin

WE Knife Co. Kitefin Knife

The WE Knife Co. Kitefin is an underrated folder in the discussion about lightweight knives, but we think that it’s worth mentioning for its all-around performance traits. To start, the Kitefin uses a titanium frame to keep the ounces down while ensuring you have 100% resistance against rust on your handle. The blade is a versatile drop point shape and crafted from CPM S35VN, meaning you get high performance and ultimate slicey-ness with relatively little work. The Kitefin can stand up to camping, hiking, and daily office work without breaking a sweat. Add this all-arounder to your collection for an easy upgrade you can rely on.

  • 3.25″ CPM S35VN steel blade.
  • Contoured titanium handle and frame.li>
  • 2.30 oz. weight.
  • Reversible deep-carry pocket clip.

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8. MKM Makro

MKM Makro Fixed Blade Knife

A newcomer to the game, the MKM Makro is in line to take its place as one of the best EDC fixed blades on the market. The Makro was designed by Jesper Voxnaes and his Scandinavian minimalist proclivities shine through in this knife. Besides simple-yet-effective style, the Makro is also built to work. The full skeletonized tang is tough enough for any job, from opening packages to opening small game. The Bohler M390 steel construction needs little upkeep to stay sharp, so this is also an excellent option for those who want a low-maintenance option. Get yours in your favorite handle configuration!

  • 2.75″ Bohler M390 steel blade.
  • Choice of G-10, micarta, or bare skeletonized handle.li>
  • 2.33 oz. weight.
  • Made in Maniago, Italy.
  • Includes leather sheath.

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9. Microtech UTX-70

Microtech UTX-70 Violet Tanto

What can be said about the Microtech UTX-70 that hasn’t already been said? And for good reason—as far as reliable OTF autos go, Microtech has helped pioneer that field. The UTX-70 is an EDC favorite for its ability to provide incredible automatic power in a small, pocket-friendly package that the Ultratech just can’t compete with sometimes. The aluminum construction decreases weight while premium blade steel increases cutting performance. Overall, the UTX-70 is a favorite for a reason and gives you powerful double action without sacrificing portability!

  • 2.375″ premium steel blade.
  • Aluminum handle available in wide variety of colors.li>
  • 1.23 oz. weight.
  • Made in USA.

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10. ESEE Izula

ESEE Izula Knife Venom Green

The ESEE Izula is a classic, and it can be dressed up for any knife purpose. Its original purpose was as a compact backup survival knife. To that end, it has all the trimmings of a survival knife, like tough materials and a utilitarian drop point, but it comes in a slim package that’s so light you’ll forget you have it. Since the Izula comes in so many colors and even a premium stainless version, you can fit it in your EDC rotation, on a tactical vest, in your car’s emergency kit, or anywhere!

  • 2.875″ 1095 carbon steel blade.
  • Skeletonized handle in a variety of colors.li>
  • 1.90 oz. weight.
  • Made in USA.

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Lightweight Knives

Though not all the knives on this list will be perfect for everyone, they are a good starting point for what to look for when seeking a lightweight knife. Whether you are looking for a knife that won’t weigh down your pack during your next 50-mile hike or a discrete choice for everyday carry at the office, these lightweight knives won’t disappoint! To browse a broader list of great pocket knives be sure to check out our Best Pocket Knives article, or our Best Pocket Knife Brands article.

Keep in mind that these are just ten recommendations from our huge selection of lightweight knives. Once you’ve found your perfect lightweight knife, leave a review and tell us why it’s the best! Follow us on Instagram and Youtube for all your knife updates.