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A Butterfly For King Kong!

Being a knife enthusiast, you come across some pretty interesting things.  Knives with dinosaur bone handles (yes really), bad flipping injuries, the list goes on.  But recently I came across something I knew I had to share.  It’s ridiculous, it’s impractical, but it’s just so freaking awesome.  This is definitely the biggest butterfly knife I have ever seen.  You have to check out the video down below.  It takes 2, yes 2, people to open this thing.  It’s like a butterfly knife for King Kong.  I’d watch a movie where he was using this thing, which would be just too great for words.  Anyway, I’ll quit talking and just let you watch this video.  Seriously, you have to check it out.

How cool is that?  It makes absolutely no sense, and that is just part of what makes it so awesome.  It would definitely make an awesome lawn ornament, or conversation piece.   I know I will never see a giant flipping this thing, but hey, a guy can dream right?  Makes me want to go out and flip my own, maybe even buy a knew one.  Head over and check out our selection, see just how much we love butterfly knifes you can flip.

So what do you think?  Cool right?  Have you seen a bigger butterfly?  Let us know, cause that sounds awesome.

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