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What flashlight is the best bang for my buck?

There are lots of different uses you could have for a flashlight—you might want a cheap flashlight you don’t have to be super careful with, or maybe you want to pay for a top-of-the-line flashlight for the best quality and longevity available. Still, other times you’re going to want the best flashlight for your money, or the best “bang for your buck.”

There are quite a few flashlights that fit into this category, but to keep things simple, we’re just going to talk about some of JETBeam’s flashlights for this post.

JETBeam’s B series is especially excellent for the price. These flashlights are durable, bright, and simply give you high performance at an affordable price. In fact, these flashlights can compete with many flashlights that are much more expensive.

Here are a few flashlights we carry from JETBeam’s B series:

JETBeam BC10 LED Cree XP-G R5

This light is super bright and compact—perfect for an EDC. It totals 3.54” in length and it weighs just less than 2 ounces. It also has two brightness settings (30 lumens and 270 lumens), is water-resistant up to 2 meters, has been hard-anodized to give the light corrosion and scratch resistance, and its lens is scratch-resistant. This is an LED flashlight that won’t break the bank, and it is relatively inexpensive to run, as well; it is powered by a single CR123 battery.

LETBeam BC40 LED Cree XP-G R5

This LED is a little longer than the first one mentioned (8.66”), but it is no less useful, and it is another great product at a good price. The BC40 has the highest lumen output of all the B series LEDs and can put out a whopping 830 lumens—wow.  This light is also solidly constructed (hard-anodized, water resistant, and scratch-resistance lens) and it has a maximum beam distance of 1,128 feet. Impressed? You should be.

JETBeam BC25 LED Cree XM-L T6 650

This LED has many of the same bonuses as the previously mentioned lights (hard- anodized, etc.), but it has a couple of other features that are pretty cool and slightly different. One that I like is the cooling fans that are in place to dissipate heat. The BC25 also has a u-shaped tail cap that makes it easier to use with gloves, and the slender one-inch frame can be mounted to many different weapons. This LED is 5.63 inches in diameter and has a maximum output of 650 lumens. Like the other flashlights, though, this is another light that gives you high quality without breaking the bank.

If you want quality without sacrificing your hard-earned money, the JETBeam B series is an excellent way to go. The place to find these stellar LEDs is Blade HQ—check them out!

What questions do you have about LED flashlights?