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Warren Cutlery Pro Pumpkin Carving Knife


*Photo Credit Darci Larsen

Whether you can believe it or not, Halloween is just around the corner.   The leaves have started changing, and that means it’s time to start stocking up on candy.  Before you know it, little witches, ghosts, and ghouls will be prowling the neighborhood looking for treats.
Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween if you didn’t carve pumpkins.  It’s been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.  As fun as pumpkin carving is, it seems like we are constantly bending and breaking those cheap little pumpkin carvers.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  The tools that, by the time you are finished, you have bent, re-bent, and broken about a thousand times over.  They serve their purpose…eventually.
Pumpkin carving is a staple in Halloween tradition, but I seriously loathe using those cheap tools.  They make it so much more difficult than it needs to be.  So I started looking for something better.  That’s when I stumbled on the Warren Cutlery Pro-Pumpkin Carving Knife.  This knife is a dream come true when Halloween rolls around.
The handle is made from thick, walnut.  Too many times have I been sawing through a pumpkin only to have the handle snap on me.  Then I have to dig the blade out, potentially ruining my pumpkin.  That’s not the case with the Pro-Pumpkin Carving Knife.  The think walnut handle gives you the perfect amount of control when carving.  You don’t need to worry about it snapping at all.
One of the most frustrating parts of pumpkin carving is having to bend the little saw blade back into place.  Those little blades are not made from high-quality metal.  They are anticipated to last through 2 maybe 3 pumpkins, tops.  Not the case with the Pro-Pumpkin Carver.   This knife comes with 6 interchangeable blades.  All made from durable stainless steel.   With varying sizes and designs, the blades will be perfect no matter what design you are carving into your pumpkin.  The blades are held firmly in place, so there is no need to worry about slipping out in the middle of carving.
The Pro-Pumpkin Carver also comes with a plastic cover, for protecting the blade while it is locked in place.  Making this a perfect way to store your knife until next year.
Now we can get to one of my favorite parts.  I hate spending money on these little, cheap pumpkin carving kits each year.  It’s frustrating having to replace the little scoops and blades, not to mention expensive.  The Pro Pumpkin Carver comes with a modest price tag of only $18.95.  For under $20 you can get a tool that you will be using for many Halloweens to come.
Having personally used this knife, I can attest to just how handy it really is.  What used to bug me about this fun family tradition is completely gone.  Leaving room to make even more memories with my family.
Are you a pumpkin carving expert?  We want to see what you come up with.  Send us a picture of your pumpkin this Halloween.