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Mother’s Day: Popular Knives for Women

Thinking of getting Mom a knife for Mother’s Day?

You should! Women’s knives make a perfect gift.

Personally, I’d rather have a good, solid knife than flowers because flowers die, and it often seems like little or no thought is put into posie purchases. Like, “Hey, I was in 7-11 picking up my Big Gulp and they had this singly wrapped rose … so … happy Mother’s Day.” 


Nope, nope, nope. 

If you’re getting me flowers, I prefer them alive, in a pot of dirt, and from a nursery. Like an orchid. But I still would rather have a knife or a handy tool.

But when it comes to things made for women, I think we all know about the pink tax. Make something supposedly “girly,” and it’s so pricey we wonder if we should just make do without and start saving up for that cabin in the woods we’ve been hankering for. Like razors. Why should pink and purple ones break the bank? It almost seems like you could skip buying razors for a few months and you’d have a down payment.

Maybe that’s why some of us rebel against knives with traditionally feminine colors that seem geared toward women. Or we wonder, if we’re bushwacking in the woods why do we need something sparkly to baton wood or dress a deer? Obviously, we don’t. Knives really are unisex.

But also, there’s nothing wrong with liking pink and purple, if you do. Personally, I would like a new folder with an anodized green handle, but my daughter–-who is now a grown woman–-would like all the unicorns and rainbows. So your mom will probably have her own preference.

Luckily, I don’t see any “pink tax” when it comes to knives. It’s as if knifemakers realize women are just people who like good grip, a sharp blade, and a sturdy handle–like everybody else. Imagine that.

Buyer Beware

One thing to be aware of when buying a knife for yourself or for a woman in your life is despite our energetic protestations, pockets in women’s clothes are often small to non-existent. My bigger knives often stick out too much and wriggle free. I tend to keep my Victor, with its hefty folding bowie blade from Petrified Fish, in my purse–but it’s annoying. Oh, no! I’m in an emergency—let me root around in my purse and find it!

See? Annoying. 

So if you’re buying for a woman, first figure out what they’ll use it for and what color they’d want. Then ask yourself if they’ll be happier if it fits in their pockets or if a purse is okay. Many, many women are just fine keeping their knives in their bags, and often the clothes we buy don’t give us any pockets at all. So there’s that.

Finally, consider grip. Some knives, like the Osborne 940, seem to fit perfectly in almost every hand. Others, not so much. 

But let’s take a look at some that are considered the best knives for women.


We took a poll a few years ago asking about knives for women, and Spyderco won the number one spot. ALL the Spyderco. In a variety of colors, and sizes, and useful for a variety of purposes–Spyderco knocked it out of the park. The Spyderco Delica is an especially popular choice because it fits the pockets but isn’t too mini for an EDC.

I have a sister who would love this Delica, I believe, but I’d have a lot of options to choose from. She’d appreciate any well-made blade. She grew up loving camping, fencing, and zooming around on her scooter. She was called a tomboy, a term we don’t use so much anymore, and she was more into GI Joes rather than Barbies. If I were to buy my camping-loving sister a knife I would pick one of these folders:

The Bugout

Whether you choose a regular or a mini, the Bugout is light, tough, and just made for outdoorsy folk. This is one of the most popular knives around, so you’re bound to find one that the woman in your life would like. We sell more Benchmade Bugouts than any other knife, and once you get one in your hand, you’ll realize why. They’re grippy and sharp, and the AXIS Lock is excellent, keeping the blade stable and sure while you work. Hikers particularly love the Bugout because the knife can face difficult weather conditions, can handle a variety of tasks, and is fantastically light so it won’t weigh down your pack.

Benchmade 940 Osborne

The Benchmade 940 Osborne seems to pop up on all these “Best Of” lists. The 940 is slim and easy to wield, but it can take on hardcore jobs. The pivot pin can handle two-hundred pounds of pressure. The reverse tanto blade has a tough tip that is made for the outdoors. We all adore it.


Also, I would consider a Shun knife because she is big-time into cooking and is fantastically talented. She has a couple already, though, but I know she’d love to add to her collection. 

My oldest sister is more into traditionally feminine things. She was a dance major, wears pastel-colored clothes, and enjoys going out to lunch more than fishing for it. If I were to buy a knife for her, who is like a second mom to me, I would focus less on a robust cutter and get her something that could take on smaller emergencies. I’d also get her something prettier and with a little bit of sentiment. Like a Brighten.

Brighten Blades

Brighten Blades is a company created and run by women, and their handles tend towards the decorative. The blades are substantial enough for daily use, but each of the prettier ones is engraved with a word such as Faith, Happy, Wish, and Love. She would get Faith because it’s important to her, and our faith is something we have in common.

Glassbreaker Pen: The Uzi

I also was thinking of getting her a multi-tool with a glass breaker on it because she just visited and, while talking to her, I realized that not only does she not have one, but she also doesn’t seem to know that they exist. When it comes to our mothers and the people we love, we want them to be happy and safe. The UZI Tactical Defense Pen can be used in self-defense, writing a letter, and breaking your way out of a crashed car.

My mom, she liked tailored or sporty clothes with a touch of femininity. She was an excellent cook, so I would have been tempted to have gotten her a nice chef’s knife. She liked decorating for the holidays, bunnies, painting, playing the piano, and shopping. For my mom, if she were still with us, I would probably choose a Victorinox and an Olight flashlight and put them in her car, so she would be prepared while on the road. She drove a lot–sometimes across the country–so I think a multi-tool like a Victorinox and a flashlight would’ve made me feel better, and she would’ve known I cared about her safety.

Victorinox and Olight

A Swiss Army knife is known for saving lives. A Victorinox Swiss Army is recognizable all over the world and has maintained its popularity over the years. A useful folder like this makes a great gift for anyone and helps keep Mom safe.

Olight flashlights are super popular and many are rechargeable, last for days, and have multiple settings. I love their high-quality materials and commitment to their customers. In an emergency, you shouldn’t depend on your cell phone alone for a light source. An Olight seems indestructible.


Speaking of safety, we should all have what we need for everyday safety and convenience. It’s one of the reasons we think everyone should have a knife. Everyone!  A knife is a basic tool that makes life so much easier, and in an emergency, it can save your life. 

One of my favorite books is a young adult novel called The Book of a Thousand Days. A young girl agrees to be bricked up in a tower for seven years to care for a somewhat troubled young woman. When I had the book signed, the author inscribed it, “To Michelle, who can get out of the tower by herself.”

Darn right, she can.

But a good knife helps.

Take a look at knives for women here.

Check out this oldie-but-goodie video for more about women’s pocket knives:

And, just sayin’ …