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Top Spring Assisted Knives from Kershaw

Have you gotten acquainted with Kershaw yet? If not, you definitely should.

I really like a Kershaw knife because it offers quality products at an affordable price, and it gives you a great bang for your buck. If you’re looking for a dependable knife you won’t have to dish out lots of money on, take a look at Kershaw knives there are lots of styles available, so you can find the one that speaks to you.

It can be hard to decide which knife to get with pages of options to look at. To make things a bit easier on you, I’ve highlighted a few of our best-selling spring assisted knives from Kershaw. All of the knives you see listed below are currently available for between $20 and $32:

Kershaw Zing


The Zing is a sleek knife that’s perfect for everyday carry with its 3-inch blade. The handle is made of stainless steel, and the blade can be opened easily with the thumb studs or flipper and its assisted opening system. The Zing also has a frame lock, so it’s got solid lockup.

Kershaw Cryo


An oldie but a goodie: the Kershaw Cryo. The Cryo is one of the more well-known knives from Kershaw, and it’s no wonder why—it has a carry-friendly size, a solid lock, excellent assisted-opening action, great quality, and a clean design.

Kershaw Brawler


The Brawler is very similar to the knives shown above, but it has a few slight differences. It has a 3.2-inch blade, so it’s slightly larger than the Zing and the Cryo, and it also has a liner lock. The Brawler’s blade shape (modified tanto style) is excellent for piercing. The pocket clip is also four-way reversible, so you can carry the knife however is most comfortable for you.

Kershaw RJ


The RJ is named after its designer, RJ Martin. It utilizes Kershaw’s SpeedSafe assisted opening action, which means this knife has some solid, fast blade deployment. Like the Brawler, its thick tanto blade is perfect for any piercing tasks you need to tackle.

Kershaw Tremor 


The Tremor is the largest of the knives you see with a 3.75-inch blade and a 5.4-inch handle. The handle is designed to fit to your hand comfortably, and it has some nice gripping to give you more control. If you favor a knife that’s a bit on the big side, the Tremor is a great option for you.

Kershaw is the way to go if you’ve got a budget to stick to, but you still want to buy something good. Try out one of these spring assisted knives from Kershaw at Blade HQ!

Have you given Kershaw a try? What’s your favorite Kershaw knife?