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Top 7 LED Flashlights

The best thing about LED flashlights is that you do not have to spend a whole lot of money to get something good. Now, as is with most anything that takes batteries, those pesky little power sources tend to cost more over time, than ten of the actual items that require them. Hot tip… Invest stock in batteries. Anyways, here is a small list compiled of some of the better selling flashlights of this last year.

Fenix E35 LED Flashlight at BladeHQ.com

Fenix E35 XP-E

Just under five inches in length, this is a perfect flashlight to keep in a toolbox or the glove box of a car. It has a maximum output of 225 lumens. This led flashlight can run off of two CR123A batteries for up to 155 hours on the lowest setting. So this provides a lot of light for the compact size.

ZebraLight SC600 LED Flashlight at BladeHQ.com

ZebraLight SC600 XM-L

This is a powerful flashlight with a max output of 750 lumens. A hefty flashlight ideal for keeping it in the cab of your truck. The SC600 SM-L runs off of one rechargeable 18650 battery, and has a run time of 5.9 hours at it’s maximum level.

Fenix LD10 LED Flashlight at BladeHQ.com

Fenix LD10 XP-G

This torch is on the smaller side of things when it comes to flashlights. The LD10 XP-G is a waterproof flashlight with a maximum output of 100 lumens. It uses one 1.5 volt AA battery, and is easily one of the best selling lights due to its proven longevity and easily portable size. A near perfect light for a great price.

LED Lenser K3 LED Flashlight at BladeHQ.com

LED Lenser K3

This is a small little flashlight that is meant for a key chain. It puts out 14 lumens and is a barely noticeable at 1.2 ounces. Perfect for anything you may need a light for on a whim. At $20 it is a great addition for anyone’s key ring…. even those old dungeon masters.

Fenix TK21 LED Flashlight at BladeHQ.com

Fenix TK21 XM-L U2

This is an ideal flashlight for the outdoors with its high output of 468 lumens.The TK21 runs off of one rechargeable 18650 battery or two CR123A batteries. At its highest setting it can run for nearly two hours. Not the best overall life on high but while on the lowest setting, it has a run time of 220 hours. Running under $120, this a great addition to your camping tools for a reasonable price.

Fenix TK45 LED Flashlight at BladeHQ.com

Fenix TK45 XP-G

This is a unique torch with three output heads that has a light output that is better than most flashlights on the market. It runs on eight AA batteries—which is a bit excessive. However this should be in the arsenal of any serious outdoor lover. Whether it is camping, hunting, or off-roading this is a monster of an addition. The TK45 is designed to be set on a flat surface or serve as a candle. The MSRP may take a few people a-back, but I recommend spending the money for the top of the line quality, and I doubt you’ll ever be disappointed. Especially if you are out camping with the little ones, and they need a night light.

Fenix E40 LED Flashlight at BladeHQ.com

Fenix E40 XP-E

Easily one of the best all around lights that is available. It runs off of four AA batteries and has a max output of 220 lumens. The E40 is perfect as an everyday carry (EDC) torch in any situation and provides all of the light you would need. It can run for three hours on the highest setting which is decent. Costing under $60, this led flashlights makes this an affordable, practical and popular gift.

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