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Kershaw Skyline Fixed Blade Knife Review

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There have been all sorts of reviews from all sorts of people from all over the internet. The Kershaw Skyline use to only be held and sold specifically at Cabela’s. Now this small, but amazingly put together knife is sold only at BladeHQ.com. The Kershaw Skyline has become a very sought after knife, and I never knew why until I had the experience of holding and using one. This knife can be used for pretty much anything and everything: from an everyday carry knife to your most used hunting knife.

The Kershaw Skyline fixed blade knife has many great features. This knife is very light, yet very durable. It has a full tang 14C28N Sandvik blade. Now I know not everyone knows how to explain or describe that blade stainless steel, and honestly neither do I, except that it has been compared to the American made 154CM stainless steel. Now I don’t know how accurate that is considering 14C28N is a Swedish made steel and 154cm is an American made steel. But hey if you need a comparison steel to make things easier to visualize. Now I’m not saying that the steel on this knife is bad by any means. I’m just saying it’s not quite up there with 154cm. But I will tell you a thing or two about this stainless steel. For one it is a very durable steel, and can be put through pretty much anything and keep its quality in edge retention. I don’t know a whole lot about Swedish steels, but from what I hear you won’t exactly be let down by it. It has an HRC of about 55-62. Now 62 HRC is pretty dang hard to get up to even for the higher end steels like 154cm and S30VN, between 55-58 is more believable.

The handles on this knife are great for gripping which is why it used for pretty much anything. It has G-10 scale handles, which personally are some of my favorite handle types. A lot of knife companies will try to sell you on how great their rubber (plastic) handles are and how superb they are above all the others. Well I say G-10, Micarta, and actual rubber gripping are the best for handles with any knife, and considering it is just barely less than 8 inches in overall length I say it fits in your hand very comfortably.

Over all I love this knife. IIf I were to go camping or to have a sheathed knife to have on me at all times, well it would be this little number. But don’t just take my word for it, purchase one and you will know exactly what I am talking about!

Kershaw Skyline Fixed Blade Knives are sold exclusively at BladeHQ.com.