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Throwing Knife Targets


Often enough, on this site, we talk about throwing knives.  How to throw them, how to hold them, things like that.  But, you just can’t do much with a throwing knife with-out a good target.  Hopefully, we can give you some insight into which targets would be best for you, and your throwing knives.

First and foremost, you are going to want to get a “softer” wood.  It will be gentler on your throwing knife, and you will be more pleased with the results.  A harder wood would result in your throwing knife not sticking, damage to the knives, and even causing the knives to ricochet dangerously.  So you are just better off getting a softer wood, so as to avoid these situations.

One of the easiest targets to make comes from planks of wood.  First, make sure to place the grain of your target vertically.  The knife will enter easier, and stick better.  What you are going to want to do is:  Lay several plans on the ground next to each other, then attach them in the back with some shorter planks.  For reference, check out the picture below.  It gives a better understanding.  You may also stick planks off the side and top, to add extra, smaller, targets.  I would suggest doing this once you have had time to practice, and hone your skills.


The next, and most favored type of target for knife throwing, is the log round.  When picking out your log round, you are going to want to get it as wide as possible, giving you more surface area to throw your knives.   I would suggest putting multiple targets on the log, so that you are not always throwing at the same spot each time, helping you to practice throwing to multiple areas. It will also extend the life of your target.


This creative Youtuber gives you a great tutorial for making a hanging log round target.  This option would be great to hang off the tree in the back yard.  However, always be sure there is nothing fragile or delicate behind the target, as you will eventually miss.

The last option is a store bought target.  These serve phenomenally well, as they were designed specifically for knife throwing.  Some of us just don’t have the time or materials to make a target from scratch, so the best option would be to purchase one.  There are tons of different, interesting targets to choose from with things like zombies, skulls, and even boars.  These targets are specifically designed for knife throwing, so they can take whatever you throw at them (Pun totally intended).

Do you have a preferred target?  Have you made on before?  We always enjoy hearing from you, and listening to what you have to say.  Share your experiences with us in the comments below.