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Tachyon II: Steel Barrel Spacers

I wanted to use today’s post to draw your attention to these:


These are stainless steel spacers for the Microtech Tachyon II with a Bowie blade. You might not have even known these existed, but they’re pretty great. You can actually remove the stock aluminum spacers from the Tachyon II and replace them with these. It might seem like an insignificant change, but the barrel spacers can help keep the latch from hitting the blade. Also, if your balisong is a touch light for your taste, then switching out the aluminum stock blocks for these stainless steel spacers can add the needed weight you’re looking for.

Get your stainless steel spacers for your Bowie Tachyon II at Blade HQ, but be sure to check out all the other awesome balisongs we have, too!

**Remember: these spacers work only on the Bowie Tachyon II.

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