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OTFs of Different Price Ranges

One thing is certain about our Blade HQ customers: you guys love OTFs. I can’t really blame you though, because of all the different out the front knives out there, they are probably the most fun to use. Here are some great OTF options for you ranging from budget to top-of-the-line, so hopefully there’s one here that fits your needs. Take a look:

H&K Epidemic – $100 and up


The H&K Epidemic is a stellar OTF with really good, smooth action. One nice thing about this OTF is that it has a fairly large handle (4.78”) so there’s plenty of handle to grip. There’s some nice jimping on the button that makes the blade super easy to deploy. The Epidemic is an overall fantastic OTF that’s got a quality build, and it is made in the USA.

AKC  – $65–$99.99


AKC stands for Automatic Knife Company, and it is based in Maniago, Italy. AKC really did a nice job on this OTF; it has excellent double action that rapidly fires the blade and retracts it, too. The AKC OTF is pretty sleek, slender, and unobtrusive—perfect for everyday carry.

Lightning  – $30–$64.99

lightning-black-satin(The Black Lightning with a plain satin blade is wildly popular on Blade HQ. It’s been out of stock for some time now, but it’s back in stock now! Grab one while you can!)

This is seriously an amazing bang for your buck.  For its price, you really can’t get a better OTF. In fact, its action is fairly comparable to OTFs that cost $100+ more than what the Lightning costs. Like its name implies, the knife’s action is lightning fast. You can also use this knife for lighter tasks without feeling too bad 1) because of the knife’s price, but also because 2) the Lightning is fairly easy to sharpen. There’s decent texturing on the Lightning’s handle, which also makes the knife easier to use.

Rumble – Under $30


If you are looking to get a budget OTF, the Rumble might be the knife you’re looking for. It has great gripping, a glass-breaker tip, dual action, and quick, strong deployment. This OTF costs about $26, so it won’t have the same reliability as expensive OTFs, but you do get decent action for the price. This is a great OTF to get if you’re just starting your OTF collection, or if you want a knife for lighter chores.

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