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New Tops Knives for 2011

Tops Knives has some really cool stuff coming out in 2011. Tops knives spends a lot of time doing research for each of their knives, and they also work with people who are experts in survival, and military combat. Consequently, Tops has come to dominate in the world of fixed blade and survival knives.
Newest Products from Tops:
Tops Hawke’s Hellion Elite – 2020 ELT
Mykel Hawke has gotten together with Tops to make another instant classic survival knife. You have probably seen Mykel Hawke on the Discovery Channel series Man, Woman, Wild. Suffice it to say that when it comes to survival, Mykel knows what he is talking about.

Tops SFA Cobra 6
Another high-quality fixed blade knife from Tops. This one will feature 1095 high carbon steel and have a blade length of 5 1/2″.

Tops Prather War Bowie
This is a large bowie knife. The blade is 7 1/4″ long and a 1/4″ thick. This bowie was designed by Jeff Prather, a former 7th Special Forces, DEA Special Agent, DIA Intelligence Officer, and Bujinkan martial arts master.

Tops High Desert Survival Knife
This knife was designed by John Campbell, a desert survival instructor from Arizona. This knife features a blade length of 6 1/4″ and is a 1/4″ thick.

Tops Idaho Hunter
This knife has a very wide blade, but a narrow handle. This allows for a variety of gripping options and working angles. It will feature a blade length of 4 3/4″.

Tops Game Guide
This is going to be a limited run from Tops Knives. It will have a blade length of 3″.

Tops M1 Midget
A Daniel Certo design that is perfectly sized for soldiers out in the field. With a blade length of 3 3/4″.

Tops Desert Fox
This is a nice little knife named after the famous German general in WWII. Has a blade length of 2 3/4″.