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New Butterfly Knives at Blade HQ

Today, we’re taking a look at a couple of butterfly knives we have received at Blade HQ in the past month or so—take a look:

Bear OPS Bear Song IV Reaper Z


Seeing as Halloween is coming up pretty soon, it seemed appropriate to include this butterfly knife. The result of collaboration between Bear OPS and BladeRunnerS, who brought you the amazing Alpha BeastThe Bear Song IV Reaper was made in the USA, and it is perfect for everyday carry. It features a swappable latch and a double tang pin, and it is pretty light, weighing 3.84 oz.

Quartermaster Knives QTR-9  K.I.T.T.


This is probably the most unique butterfly I’ve ever seen, and I’m sure a lot of you can say the same. In fact you might be thinking, “Is that a knife, or is it a butterfly?” Well, there’s actually an interesting answer to that question. It is in fact a Karambit-style knife that opens like a butterfly. In any case, this is a truly unique blade to add to any collection.

The QTR-9 has G10 handles, a push button that locks and opens the blade, a pocket clip, and a finger hole, like you see on many small Karambit-style knives.

The place to find these knives is Blade HQ! Check them out today!

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