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Most Functional Blade Shapes

(This is an extension of the last post on the butterfly knife blog.)

I’ve noticed that there are two types of butterfly flippers: those who use their butterflies solely for flipping, and those who use their butterfly for flipping and cutting tasks. If you use your balisong to cut, then obviously the steel and blade shape are going to be important to you. This begs the question, what blade shapes are going to be the best for cutting?

If you’re looking for a balisong that is great for flipping but also makes a great EDC, you’ll want to go with a drop point or clip point blade. These two blade shapes are great, all-purpose blades.

Drop Point


A drop point blade has plenty of belly. This means that the blade can do plenty of slicing and cutting, and it is designed to do so.

Clip Point


A clip point is very similar to a drop point blade in that it has lots of belly for excellent slicing action.  While the clip point is better for piercing than the drop point, its tip doesn’t have the most strength.

For a knife that’s going to be fairly similar to a folding knife in terms of everyday capabilities, a balisong with a drop point or clip point is a great way to go.

Do you use your balisong for cutting, or solely for flipping?

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