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Memorial Day Knife Sale!

Memorial Day is next Monday.  In my family, we have a Memorial Day tradition.  We get up, visit the graves of lost loved ones, do a BBQ .and finally check out all those great Memorial Day sales!  I guess I am just ahead of the game this year since I’ve already found a sale worth getting excited about.  Head on over to BladeHQ.com to check out these sales that are not to be missed.
First off, no matter what you buy, as long as you spend $69 or more, and enter the code “UST Escape” in the notes at checkout, you get a free UST Emergency Auto Tool.  That’s definitely something worth getting excited about.  The UST Emergency Auto Tool is specially designed to save lives in the event of an emergency.  Equipped with double-sided steel head glass breaker hammer, and razor sharp belt cutter, this tool is a must have for any glove box.  It’s definitely an awesome deal considering you can get it for free as long as you hit that $69 mark.
But what’s included in this sale you ask?  Where do I start?  The sale includes manuals, OTF’s, automatics, and more, there is definitely going to be something for everyone.  With several knives marked down more than $100 dollars, this sale is a perfect opportunity to get a great knife at an incredibly low price.  Get an early start on your Father’s day shopping and really surprise dad this year.  Or maybe you have A Veteran in the family, and you want to get them something meaningful this Memorial Day, Blade HQ has got the perfect gift.
This sale is great if you are looking for a new, reliable, knife.  Included are the ZT Hinderer 0561 Flipper Dark Earth marked down from $325 to $199.99, the Boker Plus Vox F3 Titanium Frame Lock reduced by over $100, and the Spyderco tenacious Fully Serrated with a price cut in half.  And these are just the manuals!  The sale also includes the Kershaw Launch 3 Automatic, The Spyerco Chaparral 3, and the Kershaw Siege Tomahawk Axe, just to name a few.  Make sure to jump over to check out the full list, as these are just a few of the great knives on sale this year.
Or maybe you are just looking to pimp your knife a bit.  Don’t worry, you haven’t been left out.  The sale goes on to include select Lion ARMory Beads and Accessories.  Pimping your knife can get expensive, so its opportunities like these that you really need to jump on.  You can finally add that personal touch to your knife with-out spending a fortune.   Personally, this is one area of the sale I plan on taking advantage of.  Or, if you are looking to pimp your bag, they are also offering price cuts on select Maxpedition PVC Hook Back Patches.  Pretty awesome deal if you ask me.  Now is the perfect time to stock up on those items regularly out of your budget range.  So head on over to Blade HQ and go crazy.  And don’t forget to put “UST Escape” in the notes at checkout time to receive your free UST Emergency Auto Tool!
What do you plan on getting?  Are you going to spend $69 so you can get the UST Emergency Auto Tool?  Let us know in the comments.