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LED Camping Additions

The weather is getting warmer, and I can hardly wait for summer to get here! For me, summer means spending lots and lots of time outdoors camping, hiking, kayaking—you name it. Since I’m not a skier or snowboarder, I tend to get antsy during the winter waiting inside for the weather to accommodate human life and of course, my love of the outdoors. While I’ve been waiting impatiently for summer to arrive, I’ve also started to shop around and get gear together for my trips this summer. Here are some of the awesome LEDs  I found that would make great additions to any summer plans you might have. Enjoy!

Baladeo Lantern/Torch ROC Flashlight Combo


This LED functions as both a lantern and a flashlight—cool, right? This device is a flashlight by default, but it easily unscrews to transform into a collapsible lantern. For me, lanterns can be kind of a pain to pack for camping trips because they are sometimes bulky. This LED, however, is only 4 inches in length when closed and just a couple of inches wide. It is compact, but it also runs on three AAA batteries and can illuminate up to 30 meters, making it a functional choice, too. This LED also has IPX4 waterproof construction, which could come in handy on any outdoor excursion. Instead of packing a lantern and a flashlight, just pack this lantern/flashlight combo for your next trip.

Gerber Myth Hands-Free Light LED Headlamp


We’ve featured some headlamps in other posts, but humor me for a minute and take a look at this one. Aside from its awesome decorated elastic strap, this headlamp also has a great price to offer: $21.50. This LED headlamp also illuminates up to 25 meters and runs on one AAA battery. If you’ve never tried a headlamp before, give them a chance. They make life so much easier when you’re doing anything in the dark. For example, setting up your sleeping bag and finding your PJs in your pitch black tent will no longer be a challenge, because you won’t have do everything one-handed or a little bit at a time. You will never go back once you’ve tried one—I know I haven’t.

Check out these awesome LEDs and more at Blade HQ!