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L.T. Wright Fixed Blades

Made by hand.  What is it about that statement that inspires confidence?  When something is hand-made you know you are getting an item that is unique, something of a higher quality.  You can be positive that someone has given time and attention to detail to the knife you are holding in your hand.  You can purchase a hand-made knife knowing that it is one of a kind, made specifically for you.  It’s this hand-made, attention to detail, that really sets L.T. Wright knives apart from other fixed blades.
With a fruitful history, L.T. Wright Knives has been making knives for several years now.  When purchasing an L.T. Wright knife there is a certainty that the knife you are buying is one that is made with quality materials, meticulously put together to ensure top performance that will last for years.  You can be sure that this knife will be one you can pass on to your kids, or even grandkids.   The only issue you will have is trying to decide which knife is the right one for you.
All of the L.T. Wright knives are so unique and different, it is hard to lump them all together.  So we are going to take a look at just a few of the phenomenal knives they offer.
The L.T. Wright Bushcrafter is more than just your average fixed blade.  Perfect for camping, this knife will stand up to anything the woods can throw at it.  The brown handle is made from a durable Micarta material, ensuring that your hand has plenty to hold on to, giving you absolute control when using the knife.  The blade itself is made from a Scandi ground A2 steel.  This is a reliable steel that all but eradicates the fear of hot spots around the edges.  With a spear point blade style and satin finish, this knife is perfectly at home on any camping trip or hike.  Keep in mind, this is just one option of the Micarta handled knives offered by L.T. Wright.  There are plenty more, each with a different and unique designs.  Make sure to check them all out.
The L.T. Wright Coyote is a very unique blade.  The blade is crafted from D2 steel, coming to a drop point style blade, with a flat grind and satin finish.  This blade offers reliable cutting performance in all of your outdoor adventures.   But what makes this a truly unique design is the handle.  Made from stag, each knife is guaranteed to be different than the last and just as unique.  The stag handle offers a sturdy, reliable design.  If properly maintained, this is a knife that can be handed down for generations.
If stag isn’t your thing, then make sure to look at the L.T. Wright Patriot.  This knife is also made from D2 steel, with drop point, flat grind and satin finish.  However, what sets this knife apart from the Coyote is its bone material handle.  This is a very interesting handle.  Due to the nature of the organic material, each and every knife is guaranteed to be different.  The bone material offers an alluring tan/crème array of colors.  This knife is perfect in any camping/hiking situation, but it also excels as an EDC.  So whether you are out in the wild, or just doing tasks around the house, the L.T. Wright Patriot is an excellent choice.
These are just 3 knives from a much larger, one of a kind selection offered by L.T. Wright.  Make sure to check them all out and find the fixed blade that works best for your needs.
Do you have a favorite L.T. Wright that comes with you on every camping trip?  Let us know!