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Knife Enthusiasts Are Thankful For…

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! That means there is a lot of socially acceptable pigging out, napping, and lazing in your near future. In summation: life is good. Even if you aren’t having a big traditional Thanksgiving dinner with your family this year, I hope you can at least eat a slice or two of pie because pie is probably my favorite component of the whole Thanksgiving experience.
While a lot of the day is focused on food, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and football, another key part of Thanksgiving Day is giving thanks. My family always goes around the table every Thanksgiving and has each person say something they’re thankful for. I didn’t always appreciate this tradition as a kid, but it’s something I see value in now; it’s always good to be thankful for what you have, Thanksgiving or not.
Seeing as all of you have a fondness for knives in common, it seemed fitting try out this tradition in the knife realm. I asked some of the fine employees at Blade HQ what knife-related things they are thankful for, and here’s what they had to say:

I’m thankful…

  • “…for the feeling of security I get while carrying my EDC.”
  • “…that Blade Show is only once a year because otherwise I’d be poor.”
  • “…for warranties that can fix my favorite knife if it breaks.”
  • “…that titanium exists.”
  • “…that knife sharpeners can make my knife like new again.”
  • “…that Rick Hinderer was born.”
  • “…for the 2nd amendment.”
  • “…that I have 4 pockets.”
  • “…for metallurgists.”
  • “…for having an all-purpose tool to use for both emergencies and convenience.”
  • “…for my abundance of arm hair that makes testing blade sharpness so easy.”
  • “…for synthetic resins—I love carbon fiber, G-10, and Micarta.”
  • “…for knife makers.”
  • “…that my wife tolerates my knife addiction.”
  • “…that I can use my knife to clean the dirt from under my nails—chicks dig a guy with clean nails.”
  • “…that my knife helps me open more boxes of knives.”

As you can see, there are quite a few things to be thankful for when you stop and think about it. Now that you know what some of the people at Blade HQ are thankful for, tell us: what knife-related things are you thankful for?

Have a great Thanksgiving! Eat lots of turkey and stay tuned because we’re going to have some awesome sales on Black Friday, which is just one week from today!