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Kershaw Asset Spring Assist Knife

Kershaw Knives is known for offering high quality spring assisted knives at low affordable prices. They make some of the best spring assisted knives on the market and almost all of them are under $100. Some of them are even under $20. One of these more affordable knives is the Kershaw Asset. The Asset price range falls into the ‘budget knife’ category, but I believe it has the feel and the functionality of a much more expensive knife. This is a lightweight simple to use spring assist knife that is perfect for every day carry and use.

The unique design of the Asset is a huge part of what makes it a great knife. It has an ergonomic handle and a trailing point blade that make the knife highly maneuverable. The knife sits comfortably in your hand. The handle is made from glass filled nylon, which is lightweight without sacrificing strength. The blade is made from high quality 8CR13MoV stainless steel that is strong and will hold an edge for a very long time. The blade has a built in flipper that makes opening the knife a quick and easy process. You just have to slightly push the flipper on the back of the blade and the spring assist device will fire the blade into locked position. Kershaw specializes in spring assist knives and all of their assisted opening knives are quick and reliable. The Asset is a perfect example of a cheap Kershaw knife that looks and functions like a much more expensive knife.

The Asset is available with a bead blast blade, in either plain or combo edge. The combo edge gives you a partially serrated edge and a partial plain edge. This is a good idea if you want the best of both worlds as far as blade edges go. The only downside with the serrated portion is that it is a littler harder to sharpen. Another bonus feature of the Asset is that it has a fully reversible pocket clip. The clip can easily be switched from tip up to tip down carry. This is just another bonus feature of the Asset that make it a great choice for an every day carry knife.

The Kershaw Asset is an amazing deal! However this does not mean that it does not have some issues. One of the main problems with the knife is that there is no jimping of any kind on the back of the handle or blade. There is just a smooth, flat surface that does not allow much traction or grip when working with the knife. The assist feature works well on the Asset but it does feel a bit sluggish when compared to other Kershaw knives. This issue however will break in over time with regular use and lubrication. If you can overlook these two small issues you will find that the Kershaw Asset is an amazing knife at a bargain price!

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