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Hollywood Knives – “The Walking Dead”

Knives in “The Walking Dead”
There are some jobs that can only be handled with a good knife. Sometimes those jobs include killing zombies. Using a knife is quiet, so it won’t attract more zombies and a knife never runs out of ammo so it’s always ready when you need it.
The Walking Dead is a zombie show on AMC that features knives so often they can almost be considered another cast member. The producers of the series recently posted a video with the show’s prop master, dicussing the various weapons characters on the show use to kill Zombies.
Check out the video:

Gerber has signed a deal with the creators of the show, and consequently there are a lot of Gerber knives used on the show. Gerber is now offering a Zombie Apocalypse kit, that includes all of the knives featured on the show. This amazing knife kit comes with seven apocalypse survival tools including:

  • Gator Machete
  • Gator Machete Pro (Discontinued)
  • Bear Grylls Parang (Discontinued)
  • LMF II Infantry
  • DMF Folder (Discontinued)
  • Epic Fixed Blade Knife (Discontinued)

Here is a picture of all the knives and tools that come with the apocalypse kit.

All of these expert knives have been used in the Walking Dead and are perfect for dismembering zombies or any other big job. Included with the Apocalypse Zombie Kit is a durable canvas carrying case, handle for easy transport, stud buttons to keep the case closed, and reinforsed case stiching.
Here is the case closed and rolled:

And here is the case open with all the knives inserted:

Other knives have also been featured on the show.

Rick carries a Gerber DMF folding knife:

Lori carries a Spyderco Endura:

Darryl carries a Busse Team Gemini:

“The Walking Dead” understands that a lot of knife enthusiasts watch the show and they make an effort to feature popular knives on the market. Many of these knives are available for purchase right now, so you can have them in your hands just a few days after you watch the show.
Just in case…

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