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Hollywood Knives – “24”

We love knives here at the knife blog, and we also love knives in the movies. So, every once in a while we are going to go through our favorite T.V. shows and Movies to show you what cool knives have been featured on the big and small screen. We are going to start with the TV show “24”. Where else could we start really?
In the first couple of episodes of the first season, Jack uses a Benchmade Mini Reflex. This one is the serrated black version.

Microtech Halo III – Jack has actually used a Microtech Halo several times throughout the series.
This pic is a little blurry, but if you look at the profile, you can tell its a halo.

Here is another shot of the halo in action.

And one more.

Piranha Amazon – This one is serrated too. I think that its bead blasted, but hard to tell for sure.

Heres one more.

Benchmade Auto Stryker – Jack really likes the serrated black knives.

Strider MG Dagger – This one has a handle wrapped in Olive 550 paracord.

Microtech Combat Troodon – This one is two tone, with a plain wharncliffe blade.