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For the Beginner Bali-songer in You

 I can honestly say that most knife-nuts like me can relate to at least toying with the idea of becoming a master of butterfly flipping. You see videos on YouTube that range from competitions to instructional videos and think to yourself, “Hey I could do that!” Especially since there are instructional videos that are readily available. I personally have a problem with liking to try new things. I tend to develop a new hobby which is good, but then I discard last year’s hobbies because I don’t have time for them. This would be ok if I didn’t jump in with both feet and insist on only the top of the line products to use for a short space of time. My wife came up with an answer. She decided that I would test the waters with decent mid-range equipment and if I stuck to it then I could upgrade. This system worked out well. I’m an avid Frisbee Disc Golfer and when I started out over a year ago I started out with 2 decent discs. Now I have 14, and yes I use them all.

So what does this have to do with Bali-songs or Butterflies? Continue on.

Benchmade 51 Morpho Balisong Butterfly Knife w/ G-10 Handles D2 SteelBradley Kimura VI Butterfly Balisong Flipper Knife 6 (Tanto PLN) 5500-VIBenchmade 42 Titanium Balisong Weehawk Butterfly Knife (Plain) BM42

If you want to get a Benchmade 51, a Kimura or the fabled 42 (pictured above from left to right respectively), I commend you for wanting such a great knife. I encourage you to get one of those top of the line flippers—they seriously are amazing—eventually. However, may I suggest you get first practice with a budget flipper that is of decent quality and of the same weight class as your dream bali-song. If you are in the market for a Kimura I would recommend the Silver Twist II.

Overall Length: 8.9″
Blade Length: 4″
Weight: 5.2 oz.

 The action is solid, and with a little thread-locker on the screws you have an amazing bali-song at a budget price. The great thing is that a Kimura will weigh in around 5.4 oz and the Silver Twist II is 5.2 oz! That .2 difference is very negligible in the hand so once you get your tricks down solid, then you can move up to your Kimura and transition smoothly without running the risk of damaging your more expensive knife (or yourself!) All of the characteristics of the two knives are extremely close. The overall length of the Silver Twist II is 8.9” and the Kimuras will be 8.88”. I’ve handled both and they will feel similar in the hand.

So the question really is, “why break the bank when you can test the waters first?” The answer? There is no reason to go and break the bank. Just get yourself a Silver Twist II and live out your dreams as a YouTube sensation!