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Fenix flashlights with the longest run times

As I was sitting at my desk pondering what to write about, I started wondering what flashlights run for the longest amount of time. That, my friends, was the inspiration for this post.

To figure this out, I needed to go through our flashlights, page by page. Since there are 20 pages of them, I only focused on Fenix flashlights.

You should know that I looked for the flashlight that had longest run time on the high setting, and also which Fenix flashlight had the longest run time on the low setting. I disregarded the eco and turbo settings, as not all flashlights have those. If run time is a concern for you, you’ll want to consider the following flashlights.

Fenix TK50 Flashlight High Performance Cree XP-G (R5) LED 255 Lumen


This TK50 had the longest runtime on the low setting out of any of the Fenix products we have in stock. On low, it puts out 4 lumens and can run for 480 hours. Not too shabby; that’s like being on non-stop for 20 consecutive days. This light also had the second best run time on the high setting—10 hours at 120 lumens.

This light also has SOS, warning flash, strobe, mid, and turbo settings. The TK50 is waterproof up to 2 meters, shines up to 353 meters, and is impact resistant.

Fenix TK60 Flashlight XM-L LED (80 Lumens)

fenix-tk60xlbk-flashlightThis TK60 has the highest run time on the high setting of any Fenix products we have in stock. It will run on high for 12 hours with an output of 350 lumens. It also had the second-highest run time on low—400 hours with an output of 10 lumens.

The TK60 also has SOS, strobe, medium, and turbo settings. It is also waterproof (up to 1 meter) and impact resistant, and it shines up to 476 meters.

It’s pretty interesting, if you ask me; these really are the two Fenix flashlights with the longest overall run times. Check them out at Blade HQ!