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Fenix BC30R Rechargeable Bike Light


Alright everyone, how is your summer going?  Hopefully you are getting out there and enjoying that warm summer sun.  I know I am trying.  Last year, when September rolled around, I couldn’t help feeling like I had wasted my summer.  It was over before it started, and I refused to let that happen this year.  I made a promise to myself that I would get out there and be more active.  So I am really trying to live up to that.

One of the ways I am getting back outside, is with my bike.  Biking is so good for you, and such an enjoyable form of exercise.  But, by the time I get home from work, the sun has already started to go down.  So I decided to invest in a bike light.  I wanted something I could rely on, without having to worry about the battery dying during my ride.  Something I could easily work with while I am riding.  After looking around, I decided on the Fenix BC30R Rechargeable Bike LightThis light had everything I needed for my nightly rides.

First and foremost, this handy light comes with a convenient USB charger, eliminating the constant buying and replacing on batteries.  Batteries can get expensive, so the rechargeable option was a must have for me.  With its quick release handlebar mount, I could easily take it off after my ride and charge it.


One of my favorite additions to this light, is the OLED digital display.  This display shows me the runtime of remaining power left.  I don’t need to worry about running out of power mid-ride and being left out in the dark.  Riding in the dark can get incredibly dangerous, not only can you not see what’s ahead of you, but it’s difficult for cars or other people to see you.  So now, all you need to do is check the screen and you will know exactly how much time you have left, so you can adjust your ride appropriately.

Another must have for me, the light itself needed to be easy and quick to operate.  I didn’t want to be stopping every time I had to adjust the light.  And the BC30R Rechargeable Bike Light has just that.  With five brightness levels, and one flashing mode, this light has plenty of options.  Able to be tailored to your ride, exactly how you needed.  And with the plus/minus button switch design, the output selection is simple and quick.  No need to interrupt your ride just to adjust the output.

So, after looking around, I have decided the BC30R Rechargeable Fenix Bike Light was exactly what I needed for my nightly rides.

So what do you think?   Would this light work for you?  Or maybe you already have it, and have a good story?  Let us know in the comments below, we enjoy hearing from all of you!