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Easy Paracord Wrap for Knife Handle

Easy Paracord Wrap
If you’ve never done a paracord wrap for your knife before, now is the perfect time to start. This wrap I’m going to show you takes about 30 seconds to learn, and it’s an easy way to add more comfort and personality to your knife. This wrap is basically the same as a pretty popular pattern that’s found in many survival bracelets like this one:
You can do this wrap—start to finish—in practically no time at all. I’d guess it took me less than fifteen minutes to learn how to do it and actually wrap my knife. So like I said, this wrap is super easy to learn and to do.
Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Paracord—I used maybe 4 feet for my 3.75-inch handle. When in doubt, use more paracord than you need! You don’t want to run out of paracord three quarters of the way down the handle and have to start all over again.
  • Fixed blade knife—skeletonized works great
  • Lighter

I used the TOPS Shango for this wrap:

It worked out well because the holes in the knife give you a place to anchor the paracord so that once the wrap is done, it won’t be slipping all around or fall off the knife. The holes on this knife are pretty narrow though, so I ended up having to gut the paracord so that it would fit through the holes.


(I recommend keeping the sheath on while you’re wrapping the handle.)
1. There are different ways you can start the wrap, but I found it easiest to fold the paracord in half (be sure both sides are even) and put the folded loop through the hole located near the butt of the handle. Then put the two ends of paracord through the loop and pull it tight to tie it to the handle.
It’s pretty easy, but you can use this photo as an example if you would like further direction:
paracord wrap tutorial bhq blog-1

With this lanyard, all you’re doing is basically making a knot around the knife over and over again, alternating which side you start with.

paracord wrap tutorial bhq blog-2
2. Take the paracord on the left and loop it around to the right, as shown in the picture, making sure it stays in front of the handle. Bring the paracord on the right in front of the cord on the left.

paracord wrap tutorial bhq blog-3
3. Bring the paracord on the right around the back of the knife and up and through the loop you made. Then, pull it tight.

paracord wrap tutorial bhq blog-4
paracord wrap tutorial bhq blog-5

4. Next, you’ll do the exact same thing, but you’ll be beginning with the cord on the right side like this:
paracord wrap tutorial bhq blog-6
paracord wrap tutorial bhq blog-7
paracord wrap tutorial bhq blog-8

Just keep making that same knot, alternating between the left and right side, and eventually your knife will look like this:
paracord wrap tutorial bhq blog-9
paracord wrap tutorial bhq blog- final

Now, the wrap on my knife could be pulled a little tighter toward the bottom of the handle. You can see that the knots are a little too far off to the side toward the butt of the handle, but you guys can most certainly do better than I did.

Ending the Wrap

There are a lot of different ways you can end the wrap. Here are a few options for you:

1. Cut off any extra paracord from the wrap, and use your lighter to fuse the ends of the paracord to the wrap.
2. You can always stuff the remaining cord back down the handle.
3. There’s always the option to start at the top of the handle (instead of the bottom, like I did) and end by tying a knot in that hole at the end of the handle, then tie it into a lanyard.
4. Any other way that works!

Paracord really isn’t that hard to work with. The hardest part is getting started, but once you’ve done that, it’s all downhill from there! We’ve got paracord galore at Blade HQ, so get yourself a sweet knife and give it some paracord love!
What’s your favorite paracord wrap? Are there any others you’d like to see on the Knife Blog? Shoot, if there’s anything else you’d like to see in general, feel free to leave suggestions in the comment section below. We’re all about new ideas over here.
Have a great weekend!