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Damascus Artistry


*Photo Credit Darci Larsen

Every knife has a story to be told.  Some begin and end with you.  Others experience so much before they even make it to your pocket.  Each with its own rich backstory, there is a certain interest that comes with learning about a knife.  One such knife type, is Damascus.
A truly fascinating way of forging a knife, it takes a true knife artisan to make such a knife.  The allure from Damascus comes from the fact that it is both flexible and durable.  Most knives are made with one type of steel, making them relatively rigid.  Not so with Damascus.  A Damascus knife is made with multiple steels forged together to create something truly unique.
Recently I found a video that truly captures the fascinating creation of Damascus knives, and I felt compelled to share it with you.  If you have ever wondered what it truly takes to create something as dazzling as Damascus, I suggest you watch the video below.  A French Story about Fire and Ice, by Jean-Paul Girbal takes a deeper look at what it takes to be a knife artisan.  Filmed in Laguole, the land of the knife, we get to see a knife artisan create a knife using an ancestral technique perfected through countless generations.  This is knife making at its finest.  This phenomenal video should be watched by anyone interested in forging a knife of any kind, not just Damascus.  With ice outside, this artisan faces the flame inside, and sets to work.   I highly suggest any knife lover take six and a half minutes to watch this video and appreciate what it is to create knife.

So what do you think?  Was the video worth your time?  Does it inspire you to create a knife of your own?  Do you love Damascus knives?  Let us know what you thought in the comments below.