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Custom Strider Knives

We just got in some amazing Duane Dwyer custom Strider knives. Strider knives have a reputation for toughness and no-nonsense utility.

This is a Custom SnG by Duane Dwyer from Strider Knives. The Tanto blade has a custom matte finish and features the Dwyer etching on the tang between the handle and thumb hole. Includes dual heat treated stainless steel thumb studs and oval thumb hole opener. The top of the knife features thumb ramp notching where the frame meets the blade spine for extra grip. The bottom handle is a customized solid steel frame lock design. The top handle is smooth carbon fiber. Titanium pocket clip. This knife includes carry pouch shown above.
The knife was so amazing that it took me all day to talk myself out of taking it for my personal collection. That means you can buy it. The Strider custom knives are few and far between. If you like it go for it! And remember Strider offers a tons of great production models too.