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Custom Butterfly Knives (Shoeman and Ralph)

Not everyone is a custom knife collector, but I think anyone can appreciate a well-made custom knife. We recently got in some new custom butterfly knives that are pretty cool—take a look at a couple of these beautiful works of art:

Carrie Shoeman Balisong Butterfly Knife Bronze w/ Black Lip Pearl (Damascus)


I absolutely love the pattern the Damascus makes on this blade. Damascus already provides an element of originality to any knife, but the striped Damascus patterns make this knife especially unique since most Damascus utilizes swirls and squiggles. Overall, the Damascus gives this custom knife a very crisp look that is really stellar. Carrie Shoeman uses a wide array of materials in his knives from mammoth ivory to pearl—keep an eye out for his custom knives at Blade HQ.

DDR Darrel Ralph Custom Venturi V82 Raindrop X2 Damascus Butterfly Tanto Knife


The thing I love about this knife is that not only is the blade made of Damascus, but the handles are made of Damascus, too, and this really adds a lot to its overall artistic feel. Darrel Ralph makes some pretty amazing custom knives (not all of them are butterfly knives), and he has more than 25 years of experience behind him. Darrel’s knives vary quite a lot in terms of type and style from knife to knife, but all are works of art. Check out Darrel Ralph’s custom knives at Blade HQ.

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