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California Legal Automatic Knives

California Legal Automatic Knives

All of you Californians have a lot of things going for you—amazing weather, beautiful beaches, Disneyland in close proximity, and more. One thing you don’t have going for you unfortunately is knife laws. California is pretty strict about the knives you can and can’t carry, and that can make life difficult for a knife lover. Lucky for you, over at Grindworx there’s a category that filled with only California legal automatic knives.

For those of you who don’t know, an automatic knife must have a blade that’s less than two inches long to be considered legal in California. Take a look at these knives that have sub-2-inch blades.

California Legal Automatic Knives

Splinter CA Legal Automatic Knife

splinter-green-sp353gnThe Splinter is a fun little automatic knife that is also friendly on the wallet; you can get this little guy for under $10. It’s pretty small and compact and totals 4.75 inches with a 1.875-inch blade. This not only makes it legal to carry in California, it also makes it super convenient for everyday carry, no matter where you live. This auto is a great option if you want something fun that’s not going to cost much. Another great thing about this knife is that if it breaks for some reason or you end up being a little too rough on it, it’s not a huge deal because the knife didn’t cost too much to begin with.

 Benchmade Impel Gentleman’s Automatic Knife

benchmade-3150-lerch-impel-autoIf you are in the market for an automatic knife that has great quality, look no further than this Benchmade. Benchmade is well known for making top-notch knives with quality materials and excellent functionality. This Benchmade is the CA-legal knife you should get if you want to buy an automatic knife once without worrying if you’ll need to replace it eventually or not. If it’s a Benchmade, chances are you won’t have to replace it because Benchmade is just that awesome. This particular knife is 5.03 inches long overall with a 1.98-inch blade.

Schrade Extreme Survival Automatic Knife

schrade-sc50bThis is another great CA-legal option if you’re not looking to spend much money. This Schrade is somewhere in between the Splinter auto and the Benchmade Impel as far as price is concerned. This Schrade totals 5 inches in length and has a 1.875-inch blade. It also comes with a lanyard, which makes the knife super easy to pull out of your pocket in a hurry. Like the other two knives you see listed above, this Schrade would make a great choice for an everyday carry knife because it’s a compact size but still has enough blade to tackle most tasks you come across on a daily basis.

If you live in California, it might seem like you have close to no options as far as knife carry goes, but you’ve actually got a fair amount of options, even when it comes to automatic knives. If you don’t see something you like in this post, head on over to Grindworx and browse through the Cali-legal knives section where you’ll find a few more options.

What are your favorite California legal automatic knives?