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Butterfly Trainers & Why They’re a Good Idea

We offer a variety of butterfly trainers at Blade HQ, so I thought I’d give you an idea of what we carry. First though, here’s a little bit about why trainers can be a good idea.

If you’re just beginning to flip, you know there’s a lot to get used to with a balisong; the weight, flipping techniques, and avoiding a sharp blade. A trainer helps you get acclimated to all of these factors without the imminent danger of cutting yourself.

Even if you are an experienced flipper, a trainer can be a great asset to you. Trainers allow you to practice flipping in more locations than normal balisongs, and they are great options for practicing new, advanced tricks without fearing getting cut.

Here are just a few of the trainers we carry—get them at Blade HQ!

Bear & Sons Butterfly Trainer


Made in the USA, this trainer makes a great budget option. (Weighs 4.0 oz.)

Ronin Gear Deluxe

k02250a-bRonin offers trainers that are a bit heavier (5.8 oz.), so if you prefer a heavier weight, these are a great option for you.

BBbarflybbbarfly-green-bottle-openerThis BBbarfly offers a unique twist on your everyday trainer. Carry this trainer with you to practice your flipping, but pull it out when you need to open a bottle, too. (6.23 oz.)

Did you use a butterfly trainer? Did it help you? Let us know!

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