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Butterfly Knife in the Movies

In The Mummy, Brendan Fraser’s character carries a butterfly knife. You only get a couple of quick glances at it, but if you look closely, those fleeting shots of the knife are enough to get a good idea of what knife Fraser is using.

Here’s a clip from the movie that shows the knife, and there are some still shots below to look at, too. The butterfly knife pops up at around 48 seconds into the clip, and you should get a pretty good look at the knife’s handle.

These first couple of photos aren’t the best because it was (not surprisingly) difficult to get good shots of the butterfly knife in action.




What butterfly do you think Fraser is holding? We think it looks like a Benchmade 42 Balisong, or else a very good Chinese copy. What do you think? Is that a real 42 Balisong?

Help us identify this knife, but be sure to check out more butterfly knives at Blade HQ.

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