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Butterfly Knife Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving is officially over and that means it’s time to focus on the holiday season, and along with it, finding the right gift for the special person or persons in your life. It can be difficult shopping for other people, but I’ve got a few butterfly knife gift ideas to help you get started! Take a look:


Butterfly Knife Gift Ideas

Benchmade 51 Balisong Morpho


This beauty is a special Black Friday item over at Blade HQ, so if you’re interested, head over to the site now to get yours! The first 100 of these knives sold will come with a Mike St. Clair carbon fiber pocket clip ($30).

This is a limited edition, Blade HQ exclusive butterfly from Benchmade. The knife has Blade HQ-blue handles made of titanium liners and G-10 scales. The butterfly comes with a D2 blade, but you can get it in a stonewashed or black finish. This 51 is 9.25 inches long overall but weighs just 3.24 ounces. Another great feature is its spring-latch locking mechanism, patented by Benchmade.

This is a great gift option because it is a new, limited edition item that the balisong-lover in your life probably doesn’t have yet. This is an exciting new knife that won’t be around forever, so get yours while you can!

Bear & Son 113 Small Butterfly


You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get something good for that special someone in your life. Bear & Son makes butterfly knives that offer good quality and functionality for a fraction of the price of many other butterfly knives. This particular model totals 7.50 inches in length and 3.80 ounces in weight.

Benchmade 32 Balisong Mini-Morpho


The Benchmade is a favorite for many balisong enthusiasts. It has Benchmade’s outstanding quality, excellent flipping action, and great longevity. This Benchmade also has a D2 steel blade and it totals 7.29 inches with a weight of 2.70 ounces. If you or someone you know prefers butterfly knives that are really lightweight, you should definitely check this one out.

Protech FlyFather Balisong


The Protech FlyFather is another top-notch butterfly you’ve got to take a look at if you’re looking for that perfect holiday gift. Protech is typically known for its solid automatic knives, but the company makes a mean butterfly too, as evidenced by the FlyFather. Just like Protech’s automatic knives, the FlyFather has a high quality build and materials that provide really great flipping action. The FlyFather totals 9.25 inches in length and has a weight of 4.20 ounces, making it the heaviest of the balisongs in this post. One of my favorite things about the FlyFather is that it is available with anodized handle variations that look amazing. The knife pictured is my personal favorite.

St Clair Designs Carbon Fiber Pocket clip for Benchmade 51


One final knife gift idea for your balisong enthusiast is this pocket clip, which is made to fit the Benchmade 51. This is a great gift option because it can customize a Benchmade 51 to look even cooler than it already does and it’s relatively inexpensive. Please note, however, that Benchmade’s warranty doesn’t cover the disassembly of any butterfly by any person other than those in the Benchmade Warranty Department.

Does this give you a good idea of where to get started for your holiday shopping? I hope so! Please let me know if you have any specific questions about balisongs, gift ideas, or anything in general. If you aren’t seeing what you’re looking for in this post, head on over to Blade HQ to check out the massive selection of butterfly knives over there; you’re sure to find something you like!