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Burn Notice: Emerson Karambit

How would you feel if a world class spy-with nothing to lose-cornered you and held this nasty little gremlin of a knife to you? Probably about as worried and scared as the kid from Home Improvement looks in the photo above. That being said, the knife that is being rocked by Michael in this episode of Burn Notice is the Emerson Karambit. In this episode it has been modified with a custom handle on it. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll probably notice that this is the pretty typical choice of Michael when it comes to whipping out his EDC. And it’s easy to see why.
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The Emerson Karambit Folder has a few features that makes it very unique and worth the attention that it demands when pulled out of the pocket of a fine Italian suit. This has the ‘wave’ design on it which is common among many Emerson knives. There is a good reason for the strange little notch on the top of the blade: It allows for the blade to catch as you pull it out, thus deploying the blade as soon as it exits it’s holding area. The Karambit also has a very ergonomic design, and makes for a very comfortable grip. Whether it is for a quick job, or something that would require some more time, this would fit well in nearly any hand. The steel is top of the line 154-CM and the handles are typically a G-10 laminate. With the overall length being 6.8” it is big enough to use in any situation. Yet comfortable enough to make it a logical choice for a sweet EDC. The price is a bitter pill in this pile of candy. It does run around the $265 mark. If you have money to spare, this knife will not disappoint. Keep in mind that I’m not saying it will suddenly turn you into a posh spy who is stuck in Miami…. But it will definitely make you a proud owner of an aesthetically pleasing extension of your own awesomeness.
Does this knife tickle your fancy? You can buy an Emerson Karambit Folding Knife at Blade HQ.