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TOPS Bowie Knives

TOPS Knives is a company dedicated to providing quality, affordable and applicable knives to its customers. Their knives are designed  by twelve men with real life experience knowledge and backgrounds in the military, law enforcement, outdoor professions, and the martial arts. All of TOPS fixed blades are designed and handcrafted in the USA. TOPS offers some wonderfully handcrafted Bowie style knives that are worth blogging about. First of all let me say that I am a huge fan of whatever is TOPS. They make super awesome, super durable knives and tools; and they do it well.

TOPS Mini Bowie Fixed Blade Neck Knife at BladeHQ.com
Overall Length: 4.63″
Blade Length: 2″
Thickness: 3/16″
Steel: 1095 RC 56-58
Sheath: Kydex
Weight: 1.7 oz.
Mfg. Handcrafted in the USA

TOPS Mini-Bowie Fixed Blade Neck Knife

The TOPS Mini-Bowie is solidly built—just like every other TOPS product. It fits well in its sheath and is easy to remove, but be mindful of the listed size before you buy! It is much smaller than you think! I am a big guy with big hands, and it actually fit somewhat comfortably in my massive hands. It could be a little bigger, but I could easily see myself using it in a survival type situation. Maybe not for splitting logs, but easily as a small knife to make kindling for a fire or for cutting twigs, clothing etc.

TOPS Prather War Bowie Fixed Blade Knife at BladeHQ.com
Overall Length: 12.625″
Blade Length: 7.8″
Cutting Edge: 7.25″
Blade Thickness: .25″
Blade Steel: 1095 High Carbon Alloy, RC 58
Handle Material: Linen Micarta w/ Rocky Mountain Tread
Weight: 16 oz. (22 oz. w/sheath)

TOPS Prather War Bowie

This knife is a beast! Thick and durable! Not only is it one solid piece of 1095 steel, it’s a quarter of an inch thick. The Micarta handles give a great grip. This beast weighs one pound and feels comfortable in the hands. The finger guard at the bottom keeps you from sliding into the cutting edge; and the jimping on top makes for a good sturdy grip when making those precise cuts. This knife makes a great survival tool and a great tactical defense weapon should the need ever arise. All in all another solid knife from TOPS.

TOPS Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Knife at BladeHQ.com
Overall Length: 12.5″
Blade Length: 6.75″
Blade Thickness: .25″
Blade Steel: 1095 High Carbon Alloy
Handle Material: Linen Micarta
Weight: 16 oz. w/out sheath

TOPS Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

This knife is also a beast! I really don’t know what else to say—most TOPS knives are quit similar; TOPS likes to keep it simple. Simple is not a bad thing. TOPS knives are all made and constructed in a similar fashion: big, thick, and to the point. This fixed blade knife is similar to the Parther War Bowie. There some differences: the high traction coating is ghost gray on this model (which I really like); the blade on this knife is more of a re-curved bowie style blade and has an additional finger groove on the bottom allowing you to choke up on the blade should you need to make a more precise cut.

In conclusion, TOPS knives are all pretty amazing. They make a so many different knives for many different people and many different situations. TOPS keeps it simple and to the point, their knives do not have all the unnecessary bells and whistles that many other knives have. They are designed and made to last and to be used (and perhaps abused if the situation warrants).