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BRS Replicant Balisong

You already love the Alpha Beast. Now it’s time to meet the BRS Replicant:


As you may already know, BladeRunnerS Systems (BRS) was founded by avid butterfly flippers and gear enthusiasts, so these people have a passion for the products they make. The Replicant is another superior balisongs from BRS.

The Replicant is 10 inches long overall. The blade is made of 154-CM and has a 4.5-inch scorpion tip tanto blade shape. The 5.5-inch handles are made of titanium with G-10 scales, and the total weight on this knife is 4.9 ounces.

Just like the Alpha Beast, the Replicant has a lot of thought and experience behind the design. After the Alpha Beast came out, there was a demand for another BRS balisong that performed well but wasn’t quite as expensive. The Replicant has achieved both of those things; it is about $100 cheaper than the Alpha Beast, and it has excellent action and quality.

Right now at Blade HQ, we’ve got the Replicant available for pre-order. To reserve a Replicant, it’s just a non-refundable $5. Once your order is shipped, the remaining balance of $264.99 will be charged to your card. So, pre-ordering will not cost you any additional money in regard to the total cost of the knife. We expect these to begin shipping late in July of 2014.

If you’re an avid flipper, you’ve got to get the BRS Replicant butterfly knife! It’s the butterfly your collection has been waiting for. Reserve yours at Blade HQ today!

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