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Brous Blades

The majority of the Bowie blades on this blog have been pretty traditional-looking, in my opinion. So, it’s time to change things up a bit with Brous Blades.

Jason Brous, the face behind Brous Blades, started his knife-making journey with 10 years of CNC machining experience behind him, which is probably one of the reasons his knives are so solid. Jason also has an interest in “bio-mechanical” art, which shines through in his uniquely designed knives.

Take a look at one of his series—the Stryker with a Bowie blade. It is available with a satin, black, or acid washed blade.




Jason tries to keep his knives focused on functional simplicity. As you can see though, that doesn’t mean his knives are boring; quite the opposite is true. Another thing I like about Jason is that he doesn’t make anything he doesn’t like. He does get feedback from customers and responds to it to give people what they like, but ultimately he doesn’t put anything out there that he wouldn’t want for himself.

These Stryker knives are semi-custom blades with a flat grind and a super comfortable, contoured handle with G-10 scales. These knives also come with a Kydex sheath.

If you want a Bowie that is truly original and functional, try out the Stryker. You can find it at Blade HQ today.