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Black Friday Knife Deals and Give-A-Aways

Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude, family, wholesome goodness, perhaps football, and of course turkey. To some Thanksgiving is the BANG of the starter gun that starts the race of Holiday preparation. I have to confess that I am a procrastinating gift shopper. Each year I wait hopelessly, avoiding the crowds and lines until time gets the best of me. I then brave the sea of last minute shoppers and purchase my gifts; coming home tired and beaten with bags upon bags in hand vowing to never procrastinate my gift purchasing again.
Many holiday shoppers use Black Friday as their starting block and sprint to finish their holiday shopping in one day. They brave the throngs of determined (sometimes too determined) shoppers. Good for them.  I avoid Black Friday like the plague. Not because of the crowds and lines, but because my competitive nature. Black Friday fosters an aura of competition–551 people trying to get their hands on 100 big-ticket items (tell me that’s not competitive). Throw me into that environment and my adrenaline rises and Ta-da! No longer am I shy, introverted Aimee; I become this aggressive she-beast clawing her way as “politely” as she can to that item. Black Friday can do with less she-beasts.
With the internet becoming more dominant in our lives many shoppers are realizing they can get their spectacular deals without having to leave the comforts of their own home. I say, “Hurrah!!” Online shopping is way so much less stress. You don’t have to worry about parking or filling up the tank; a person biting your hand because you grabbed that last big ticket item; pick pocketers and/or thieves breaking into your merchandise-filled car; ire flare ups; running on little to no sleep; long lines; and dealing with those she-beasts that are found lurking in every store. 
I definitely recommend buying your gifts online. You can get Black Friday and Cyber Monday knife deals that are only a click or two away. Most online stores offer free shipping. You get the same deals as if you were physically in the store. BUT you save more than just gas money, you get to keep your sanity for another day.
What does this have to do with knives and such? BladeHQ.com is offering some awesome deals on many of their products for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are some sweet “Give-A-Away”s as well. Avoid the hassle of going to a store or browsing online for the best deal: BladeHQ.com has competitive prices on all their knives and products. Take advantage of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Avoid the she/he-beasts and long lines, do the smart thing and shop online.
If you live in the Salt Lake/Orem/Provo area and need a breather from your Black Friday shopping, our Blade HQ store will be opened.