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Benchmade’s History with Butterfly Knives


Benchmade has a very secure place in the world of knives, and it’s not surprising; Benchmade knives are top-notch. I’ve been doing some reading up on Benchmade, and I found some interesting things that I should have known before. Here’s a little bit about Benchmade’s history in the knife industry.


Benchmade was initially founded in California 1988 as Pacific Cutlery Corporation. The company moved to Oregon in 1990, which was probably a good thing considering California’s strict knife laws. In 1990 the company became Benchmade. In its infancy, Benchmade focused the bulk of its energy on Bali-Song® knives. This is perhaps why their butterfly knives are such high quality products still today. Now, Benchmade’s product and manufacturing capabilities have expanded drastically, and the company is here to stay.


You might have wondered why in the world a knife company would choose a beautiful, delicate butterfly to be its logo. I mean, it doesn’t seem super intimidating. If you just look at the surface of what Benchmade’s logo is, then yeah—the logo probably won’t make sense to you. However, Benchmade’s butterfly logo really has a lot of symbolism for the company.  Benchmade’s primary focus when it first got started was the Bali-Song®, or butterfly knife. The butterfly logo is representative of their focus on and success in the world of butterfly knives. Knowing that changes the way the butterfly logo appears, doesn’t it?

Benchmade has done a lot for the knife community. Here are some pictures of their awesome butterfly knives. Be sure to check more of them out at BladeHQ.com.

Benchmade 67

Benchmade 51

Benchmade 32