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Bear Song IV Damascus Butterfly Knife

I recently stumbled upon this beauty:


I’ve always been a sucker for a good Damascus blade. I mean, Damascus just looks awesome. For me, the patterns remind me of fingerprints. These patterns are beautiful, and each Damascus blade is unique due to the nature of Damascus.

This Bear Song is actually a collaboration between Bear OPS and BladeRunnerS (BRS). If you’ve never heard of BRS, you’ve got to check out the Alpha Beast. It’s amazing, and your life will probably never be the same after you’ve handled one.

Anyway, this balisong is really a beautiful work of art. Its best use—as listed on the website—is as a collector’s item, so keep that in mind. Overall, these balisongs comes to 9.75 inches in length. The blade is 4.375 inches long, and it weighs 4.50 ounces. The handle is made of aluminum, and it has stainless steel spacers and a swappable latch. The pivots have phosphorus bronze washers in addition to 304 bearing surfaces.

There aren’t many of these, so if you’re considering getting a Damascus Bear Song IV, I wouldn’t think too long because it probably won’t be in stock super long.

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