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A Patch 65 Million Years In the Making

Have you seen Jurassic World yet?  Looking for a good way to show your love of all things pre-historic?  Why not get a patch 65 million years in the making?  Maxpedition has a selection of some really primordial patches.
First off we have the carnivorous T-Rex patch.  Don this patch and show everyone that you are nature’s greatest predator.  With powerful jaws, and teeth like daggers, no one would dare mess with the king of the Jurassic period, the always impressive, Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Offered in tan, or if you are looking to really intimidate, go with the glow in the dark option.  Made of durable PVC, get one now and solidify yourself as one of nature’s greatest carnivores.
Maybe you are looking for something more on the herbivore side.  Something more defensive and less offensive.  Then you have to get the Triceratops design.  With intimidating horns, and Impenetrable frill, this animal was a pre-historic tank.  Capable of taking on the T-rex and surviving, let everyone know you are more machine than man!  Wear this patch, and even the most terrifying of predators will know you are a force to be reckoned with.  No one will dare mess with bull, because they know they will get the horns.  Made of PVC, this patch is almost as durable as the Triceratops itself.  Put this patch on anything, and you know you won’t need to worry about ruining it.   Just like the T-Rex design, this patch is also offered in tan, or glow in the dark.  All you need to do is decide which one suites you best.
Maybe you are looking for something a little more “warm-blooded”.  Then you need to check out the Maxpedition Sabertooth patch.  With terrifying teeth, sometimes measuring over a foot long, this is one ferocious feline.  Preying on wooly mammoths, and prowling the frozen tundra, this cat was an impressive predator.  Let everyone know you are capable of taking down the biggest threats with ease.  When wearing this patch you are saying “I’m a survivor, even in the harshest of environments”.
Lastly we have the ,always terrifying, piranha.  Maxpedition’s piranha skeleton patch is instantly recognizable.  Capable of quickly stripping flesh from bone, the piranha is one of nature’s best team players.  Traveling in pacts, they are a formidable force, even worse when they are hungry.  Get this patch for your whole crew.  Let everyone know you all work as a team, attach as a pack, and together you are all a force to be reckoned with.
So no matter what kind of pre-historic animal appeals to you, there is a patch to show it off.  With modest price tag, these patches give you an affordable way to show some fossilized fanfare.  Place these patches on your Maxepdition bag, or use the hook backing to place it on a hat or jacket.   These are some pretty popular patches, so make sure to grab yours before it goes extinct.    Let us know how you plan on showing off your love of all things Jurassic in the comments below.