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A Knife Fight With Captain America

If you haven’t seen the new Captain America trailer yet, then you are seriously missing out.  Marvel looks to be pulling out all the stops on this one, and we seriously can’t wait.  While everyone else is beyond excited for Spiderman, we can’t help but get giddy for more Winter Solider.
Chances are, if you are a knife nut, you were pretty impressed with Sebastian Stan’s knife skills in the last Captain America film, Winter Solider.  There are several instances when Stan is able to show us just how deadly he can be with a knife.  Like most professionals, he made it look incredibly easy but, in fact, it was something he really had to work at.
Sebastian spent countless hours in rehearsals, and training, learning to truly master the knife.  He said he would walk around his house, flipping, spinning and tossing his plastic prop knife, because he wanted everything to be just right.  He would practice in the car at stop lights, basically any time he had a free moment, he was honing his skill.

As both a self titled nerd, and knife guy, it is refreshing to see someone take so much pride in what they do.  It’s great to see someone really put themselves into a role, trying their best to live up to the expectations.   Too many times we see knives show up in film and on TV, only to be under utilized by an inexperienced actor.   So for someone to take so much pride in their skills is truly a breath a fresh air.

We cannot wait to see the Winter Solider explode back onto the scene in the next Captain America movie, and we seriously hope he brings those knife skills with him this time around.
What do you think of Sebastians technique?   Have any tips or tricks?  We want to know in the comments below!
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