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6 Cool Products that Will Complete Your Life

cool products that will complete you

You’ve seen all the automatic knives, Italian stilettos, and butterfly knives on Blade HQ. There are tons of other cool products on the site that you’ve probably never seen before too, though. In this post you’ll find 6 items that you likely never knew existed and will undoubtedly will make your life complete. Be enlightened:

Cool products that Will Complete Your Life

Knife Magnets


You have a knife in your pocket, so why shouldn’t you have one on your fridge? These knife magnets are a great way to show off your interests to your friends while simultaneously making your home look sharp.

Marble’s Camper’s Best Friend


The hottest part of the year is over, but there’s still lots of warm weather ahead of us! That means you can squeeze in another camping trip or two before the weather gets colder, and you can bring the Camper’s Best Friend with you!

I am actually in love with this multi tool because it has everything on it that I hate to put in my camping pack—a spork, can opener, and bottle opener with a carabiner attached. Can openers specifically are very bulky and are such a pain to bring camping. This multi-tool is lightweight, compact, and super functional! It has all your eating needs satisfied in one tool.

Concussion Grenade Neck Knife


This product is pretty unique, and although it technically has a knife in it, I wouldn’t use it as your primary neck knife. The knife really isn’t sharp at all, so it’s really more of a “knife” that’s great for cleaning your nails.

M-Tech Army Grenade Spring Assisted Knife


If you like the looks of a grenade but want a knife with a bit more functionality than what you find in the Concussion Grenade Neck Knife, this spring assisted knife is a great way to go! It has a pretty explosive design (pun intended) and it’s a great size for everyday carry!

Daddy-O Stiletto Switchblade Automatic Comb

You may have seen butterfly knife trainers with combs attached at the end on Blade HQ, but you’ve never seen anything quite this cool:stiletto-folding-comb-open

This switchblade can have a comb at the ready the moment that you need it. What more can you want from life than a stylish stiletto with automatic comb action? This “knife” has the appearance of class while helping you keep some of your own via perfectly coiffed hair.

Executive Pen Knife

These pens are pretty sweet!



To the untrained eye, this probably looks like a regular pen. Well, that’s half true. It can write just like a normal pen, but it also has a little secret: a hidden knife. To get to the knife, all you have to do is pull the pen apart. It’s basically the ordinary knife that is anything but ordinary.

These items will complete your life. It’s not uncommon to have a knife in your pocket, but it’s not everyday that you see a pen knife or a comb on an Italian-style stiletto. Do your life a favor and get yourself some of these items!