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5.11 Flashlights: Another Tactical Option

We’ve already talked about a few tactical flashlights on the LED Flashlight blog before, but they were mainly flashlights that attached to guns. Well, we carry some 5.11 LEDs that are durable and have great quality, and they don’t have to be attached to anything—they can be carried, like an everyday flashlight. Here are a few 5.11 models we carry:

5.11 ATAC A1 Flashlight CREE XP-E LED


This LED is great because it only takes on AA battery to operate. The ATAC A1 has a maximum output of 103 lumens, and it can run for 28 hours on the lowest setting. It also has a couple of cool settings; the “tactical intelligent switch” allows you to cycle through the high, low, and strobe settings by using on the the “momentary-on” function. This prevents any clicking sounds from giving up your location. It also features a break-away lanyard so that you can free your arm from the LED in a flash, if needed. 

5.11 ATAC A2 Flashlight CREE XP-E LED


The ATAC A2 only uses two AA batteries to operate, and it has a maximum output of 162 lumens and a maximum runtime of 75 hours on the low setting. It also features the tactical intelligence switch and break-away lanyard.

ATAC L1 Flashlight CREE XP-G LED


The ATAC L1 is a powerful LED. It is powered by a CR123A battery, and it has a maximum output of 173 lumens and a maximum runtime of 46 hours on the low setting. Other features include the tactical intelligence switch, break-away lanyard, and other feature called a rotary dial lock-out switch. This allows you to lock or unlock the light in an instant with one hand.

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