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Mil-Spec Monkey Patches

Mil-Spec Monkey is a company that constantly strives to provide fine quality gear at reasonable prices. MSM has become more and more popular; not only among the military, law enforcement and uniformed services, but among the general public.  The Monkey (the designer and force behind MSM) designs patches and gear:

The Monkey designs morale patches that can bring a smile to the faces of folks in the military, law enforcement, and other uniformed services who often find themselves in crappy situations. (MSM Personal Blog About Excerpt)

MSM also provides video reviews of gear from many designers and manufacturers. Based in San Jose, California, MSM designs eye-catching, distinctive and smile-inducing patches, t-shirts. stickers, bracelets and stencils. Warning: Some designs may be offensive. Patches come as sew-ons, iron-ons, and/or PVC hook Velcros.
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Sample of many MSM patches available at BladeHQ.com

I find these morale patches a great way to personalize something standard or basic. Let’s say you have a Maxipedition Gearslinger;  make it your own with a Pegasus Unicorn patch or a Dragon Head patch. Need an accent on your paintball helmet or military issue fatigues? Try attaching a Death Mechanic patch or a Like patch. Want to proclaim your good-guy-ness? MSM has a patch for that.
Whatever style, sass, or statement you want to proclaim to the world, Mil-Spec Monkey will help you declare it in a unique and bold way. Buy Mil-Spec Monkey Patches at BladeHQ.com.