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Knives with LED Flashlights

Yes, we love LED flashlights. But as many of you know, Ledflashlights.com is owned and operated by BladeHQ.com where we love knives too. Our speciality is name brand knives from companies like Microtech Knives, Spyderco Knives, Protech Knives, and Benchmade Knives. At the same time we’re committed to bringing you name brand flashlights from Fenix, Surefire, Icon and Inova. And then we had a thought… why not showcase some of of the knife products that feature built in LED flashlights? Here are our top picks:

CRKT 9080 Lumabiner:

The CRKT Lumabiner is available in three different colors: blue, silver, and green. It’s basically a folding pocket knife with a built-in LED light. It can be useful as a keyring fob, will clip to a belt loop, and fits in the palm of your hand. Columbia River Knife and Tool excels at making nifty doodads with tons of built in functionality!

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife:

Several Victorinox Swiss army knives have many functions; they work as great multi-tools. However, you may not know that many of these multi tools include an LED mini light! Swiss army knives are light, compact, and have tons of functions. They’re an ideal match for anyone on the go.

Schrade Fixed Blade Knife:

These knives are sweet! It comes with a black ABS sheath that doubles as a knuckle weight. The sheath also houses an LED light at the base. It includes a pocket clip, lanyard rope, and ball chain for neck knife enthusiasts. This knife really has just about everything!

Mantis Necessikey:

This perfect little dynamo provides all of the essentials, right when you’ll need them. A blade, a bulb, and a bottle opener, right on your keys! Unlike some of the small LED bulbs on the market, we designed the B-3 to allow for replacement batteries. Just one of the many great benefits that MANTIS brings to the industry. The blade is 1” long, and the whole unit is just a little bit larger than a quarter.

Benchmade Houdini Multi-Tool Rescue Hook: Not exactly a knife, but still applicable with its folding hook blade and seat belt cutter. This rescue tool features a spring loaded glass breaker with submersible LED light. Multiple carry options with carry-clip and nylon sheath.

Right now the knife & LED flashlight combos are a bit scarce, but we saw some promising designs while we were at the 2011 Las Vegas shot show. With LED technology rapidly evolving we think it won’t be long until their are some very well designed knife & LED flashlight products from more mainstream companies.