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Knife Pocket Clips

Did you know the pocket clip is one of the most important parts of your knife? True story. A clip that complements the style while maintaining functionality is vital. You wouldn’t want an ugly clip that tears up your jeans, would you?

This article will break down the six most popular knife pocket clips with the benefits of each one.

Regular knife pocket clip

1. Regular


Regular clips are traditional and functional.


Regular pocket clips provide easy access to the knife in your pocket as they help the knife sit a little bit higher out of pocket. They come in many different shapes, styles and materials, but all are designed to help you keep your knife secure in your pocket.

Knife featured: Kizer Domin.



Knife deep carry clip

2. Deep Carry


Deep carry clips conceal the knife in pocket.


For many knife owners, the deep carry clip is the only way they want to keep their knife secure. Deep carry clips allow knives to sit deeper in one’s pocket, exposing as little of the knife as possible. If you are extra worried about your knife slipping out of your pocket without you knowing or keeping your knife from drawing unnecessary attention, a deep carry pocket clip is a great option for you!

Knife featured: Boker Kalashnikov.



Short deep carry knife pocket clip

3. Deep Carry Short (Mini Deep Carry)


Short deep carry clips are less noticeable.


A short deep carry clip offers the same convenience as a traditional deep carry clip, but in a much smaller package. These allow for even more concealment due to their low-profile design and offer a small weight savings for ounce counters. Short deep carry clips are offered on a few knives, like the Benchmade Bugout, from the factory, but can also be purchased from a few aftermarket brands like Lynch NW.

Knife featured: Benchmade Bugout.



Milled knife pocket clip

4. Milled


Milled clips are less prone to bending.


Milled pocket clips have a certain level of flair that you don’t get from most other pocket clips. They are often made of more exciting materials, come in crazy colors or have a wild shape. Essentially, they function the same as any other pocket clip, but they stand out due to their individual shapes and designs. One of our favorite milled pocket clips is the titanium skull clip from Chaves Knives.

Knife featured: Chaves Redencion Street.



Knife carabiner clip

5. Carabiner


Carabiner clips are great for carrying on bags and gear.


Not many knives feature a carabiner pocket clip, but those that do tend to be more geared toward function over form. A carabiner provides a higher level of security for instances where a knife would be uncomfortable in a pocket or might get dropped or lost more easily. With a carabiner clip, it is easy to attach the knife to a pack or harness and maintain access to it when it is needed.

Knife featured: Kershaw Reverb XL.



Knife wire pocket clip

6. Wire


Wire clips are nonthreatening and simplistic.


Simplicity at its finest, the wire pocket clip is low-profile, lightweight and gets the job done. For some, a knife is seemingly intrusive in their surroundings. A wire pocket clip is relatively unassuming as it doesn’t have that “this is a pocket knife” look. They offer a simple solution for keeping your knife secure in your pocket in a more subtle way.

Knife featured: Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight.




If you’ve ever owned a pocketknife, it’s highly likely that you’ve bent or broken a pocket clip. Not much can be done to fix a broken pocket clip (aside from replacing it), but there are a few methods we have found that make fixing a bent pocket clip much easier.

Method 1 (The Manhandle): Just bend it back*. You are a strong individual and shouldn’t let a small, insignificant piece of metal take away your dignity. *Note: This method may or may not yield the best results… we are not liable for any pocket clips broken due to you being overzealous.

Method 2 (Use a Vice): Simply remove the pocket clip from your knife, put it in a vice and bend it back to its original shape. It’s a good idea to put something soft (wood, cloth, etc.) around your pocket clip before you put it in the vice.

Method 3 (The Reverse): Remove the pocket clip from your pocket knife. Reinstall it facing outward (you shouldn’t be able to clip it to your pocket at this point). Hold the knife and the pocket clip firmly in opposite hands and bend it back to its original shape. Remove the pocket clip. Reinstall the pocket clip in its normal position. (We really like this method. It eliminates the need for additional equipment besides a screwdriver and tends to work well for most clips.)

Method 4: (Time for an upgrade): If you’ve bent your pocket clip, the chances of it bending again are highly likely. Sometimes it’s just better to replace the old one or upgrade to something better. Check out aftermarket pocket clips from Lynch Northwest, Hinderer and Emerson.


Some would say this boils down to personal preference, but for others there are more practical reasons for carrying a knife the way they do. Let’s break down some of the differences, and why you would carry a knife tip up or tip down.

Tip up: It seems that tip up carry has become the standard for pocket clip position as many brands only offer their knives with a tip up option. Tip up carry allows easy access to the opening mechanism (thumb stud, hole, button, etc.) as it puts the knife in a more natural position for opening.

Tip down: On the flip side, tip down carry is more ergonomic for knives that are too large to reach the opening mechanism easily. For larger knives, one would have to choke up on the knife to open it, so carrying the knife tip down allows the knife to sit in the hand more naturally when it comes out of the pocket. The knife can then be rotated and opened.


Knife pocket clips in pocket

The great thing about the plethora of knife choices today is you can find the perfect match for your pocket! Whether it’s wire, traditional, deep carry, or another, there’s a knife out there that’s perfect for you. The fun part is finding it.


Aftermarket pocket clips are a common upgrade for knife lovers. Some of the best pocket clips available today are made by Lynch NW for Spyderco, Benchmade, and Emerson knives. Check out the review below!



Still in that information gathering phase? We’ve got a bunch more guides on many different topics! Happy hunting and may you find that one special knife of your dreams.

Knife Pocket Clips