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Knife Banter Videos

Knife Banter is our video series on all things knives. Below you’ll find some of our favorites from the past few years. If you want to see the whole series, check out our Blade HQ YouTube channel.

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Why Should You Carry a Traditional Pocket Knife? | Episode 9

Would You Buy a $6,000 Knife? | Episode 10

Would You EDC a Fixed Blade Knife? | Episode 12

The Most Bizarre Knives | Episode 23

Our Bestselling Fixed Blade Knives | Episode 36

Why Should You Wear a Neck Knife | Episode 40

OTF Knife Buyers’ Guide | Episode 41

5 Knives Everyone Should Own | Episode 45

The Classiest Gentlemen’s Knives Around | Episode 47

Knives Ben Stole | Episode 50

What Knives Do Blade HQ Employees Carry? | Episode 60

The Best Hunting Knives? | Episode 67

Crazy New CRKT Knives | Episode 76

If you’ve burned through all the videos above and are thirsty for more, feel free to check out our Blade HQ YouTube channel for more gooey knifey goodness.